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    2x Lazerer Riffle445 1W (29% overspec)

    So let me get this straight, the laser came in THAT case and set? If that is so then damn, they really take things seriously with what they are selling! I might have to pick one of these up myself soon!
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    Another bad Rayfoss laser ?

    I also might have a problem with mine. I bought a 200mW-flx a year ago and it worked wonderfully. About a few months back the original battery failed on me and I decided to look around the state for a replacement before trying to order one online again. After nothing was found locally, I decided...
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    I hope this will not be the only time this happens. I would love to perchance one in a few months or so. :cool:
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    1.6W 445nm Polished Aluminum Ehgemus Host Review - My New Centerpiece

    Sorry if this might sound like a stupid question but how much did the whole project cost? I only ask because I wish to build something very similar in the near future to this (even with the same, beautiful host) and I just want to be able to have an estimate so I can try to build such a great...
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    Beta testers wanted. Laser host giveaway!

    This host looks very promising. I am really looking forward for the review of this!
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    Anyone interested in building me a 445nm in this host?

    I wonder how long it will be before someone makes a 445 in a sonic screwdriver host! :drool:
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    Confirmation of cancer causing properties for 445nm please

    Quote of the century my friend.
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    Nova lasers Atlantis 445nm!

    I still await the day someone will make a 445nm 1W laser in a sonic screwdriver host...
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    445nm burning abilities for a project?

    445's have the capability to burn things other than dark coloured objects, correct?
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    New WL 445nm Spyder....irresponsible?

    The only thing that can be done is to hope that no one will misuse it. But raising the price will do nothing more. It has been proven that even at a high price we still have rich kids that can obtain these with no problems since their careless parents will just think it to be something harmless...
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    My RGV is Alive!

    Very nice build. I wish I can build something like that but, last time I tried building anything I almost burned my house down lol.
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    Rayfoss Laser

    Not so much, even if you do have it all shipped together the chances of it being caught in customs is slim. Its just that its best to go for the separate shipping route since you are purchasing an expensive item and for only a few dollars more for the shipping it will cover your item if by any...
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    Rayfoss Laser

    From what I have seen they all come with Chargers as a standard. Also if you live in a country (Such as the U.S.) that have strict customs laws its best to have the laser mailed separate from the charger and battery so that it will pass.
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    He-Ne Project box Pics.

    Aww man $25 to $30 is awesome for something like that, I guess I have to keep my eyes open for it.
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    He-Ne Project box Pics.

    How much did it all cost in the final build? If its that cheap I might want to build one too..