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    Tips on how to use my new laser safely?

    Light Filters work the other way. They Pass the color that the filter is and block others. A Green filter only passes Green light.
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    JDSU 2214-30SLQTA Argon laser testing and PSU Tweak

    The tube votage once ignited should be around 110-150 VDC depending on gas pressure. Be carefull when measuring though. The Ignitor voltage is around 15k so can easily blow your DMM up.
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    JDSU 2214-30SLQTA Argon laser testing and PSU Tweak

    My working Argon had a miss-aligned front mirror. I had to make up a bracket that fitted over the front end of the tube and had 3 screws into it from the metal frame. By adjusting the screws I was able to slightly bend the front mirror mount and align the mirror. That got it working well. The...
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    NEJE 40W - 15W optical power output

    If you keep in mind the highest output laser Diode is the Nubm44 which can do around 7.5 - 8 Watts that will give you an idea what's really going on. A 15 Watt Optical output will be at a 50% Duty cycle. The "PEAK" output is 15 Watts. But the average is still 7. 5 Watts. And a 20 Watt Optical...
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    Major upgrade - XF 2.2

    The same thing is happening with IE11. The left half of the screen is quite often adds and the Thread Titles are on the righ half squashed up.
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    Beware of PayPal misrepresenting transactions

    When I send money in another currency Paypal just bills my Credit card in that currency. Then my Bank does the exchange rate. Never seen Paypal do the exchange rate themselves. Never really had an issue with Paypal. They are very good at recoving money from dodgy sellers.
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    I wasnt following this thread anymore. I just noticed it. The link to the latest v1.5 is still working. But the Link to the full install version is not. https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/b-w-tech-spectrometer-473-module-setup-mods-info.101467/page-35#post-1529863 The stand alone exe file...
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    100 microsecond pulse with green laser 303 pointer

    Fibe Optic communication links work in the Ghz range. That gives an idea what the diode itself is capable of.
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    Dangers of LEP flashlights?

    There is one very obvious danger. I do own one and must say it's a very bright narrow beam. Obviously looking directly into the beam would be a silly idea. Do people really need to be told not to look directly at the Sun ? As far as I know there are no laser emissions so that is not an issue.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    You can legislate all you like to have products made in the US. But the fact still remains if people can't afford the US made products they won't buy them. We have exactly the same problem in Australia. We have very little manufacturing here now. But we still have a high standard of living and...
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    On the up side it looks like a vaccine is very close to being released. 56 Countries are working on one. Australia is to begin testing our vaccine on humans in 1 week. Hopefully it works at least as good as the Flu vaccine which is %40 reliable.
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    The low numbers in China may or may not be true. But it would be hard to keep that many deaths a secret from the rest of the world. There is always someone who will blow the whistle. The Death rate in Australia seems to be settling around 1.7 % I think it's more likely because china did act...
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    I think you need to read the reports from the Genetic sequencing sceintists. Not just one has found this. This virus was NOT man made. Their is no doubt about that. It's a natual mutation from and animal corona virus. It came from one of two animals based on the Genes. One is a Bat and the...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Why is the leader of the United States not leading ?... Instead he is pushing the responsibility onto the states. In Australia our Leader put Social Distancing into place very quickly. He didn't just say leave it up to the state leaders to decide. Recently our daily infection rates have been...
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    Laser as heat source for quartz

    I would inagine discussing ilegal activities is why you will be banned again. At least in most contries Pot is ilegal.