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    burning green laser

    If you want to do it safely, use a hobby rocket igniter on a long twisted pair of wires. Toggle your switch and light the fire. Pull your igniter out with the wires before it goes up in flames. Remember though, we are scientists. Cold calculating scientists. We don't do this for fun. :D
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    488nm - A couple of setups

    Crazy awesome LewDude! That's very creative. 2 thumbs way up.
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    My Sharp 503nm Build!

    Impressive looking build! Yeah it's me. haha Have to rep you on this one. :)
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    PL-E Mini 1w 520nm First Impressions

    Nice comparison! Thanks for posting, OP. :)
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    Cypreus IIIb reactivated with 10x fixed magnification Linos beam expander.

    Being able to clearly see the beam over great distances is truly amazing. I'm assuming you can set the focal point to infinity correct?
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    This place is awesome!

    Welcome Pman! Usually your first build will be <5mw until you become more proficient. Careful!
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    CNI releases 577 DPSS laser!

    Here's the colour of 577nm.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYMFDwZ7r4I I still enjoy the 589nm beam at 20 watts....
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    Jokes thread!

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    Meme Thread

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    Win thread

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    Win thread

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    Jokes thread!