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    FREE cash! [not a scam, I swear]

    The original scam/spam email
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    Optotronics RPL-375 review

    First off nice reviewl Milos and some very nice pics. Well the LC's loss is our gain 8-) Cheyldra welcome to the forum, unfortunately there is no exact answers for your questions, its like how long is a piece of string? it varies on alot of factors, E.g. How dark it is, how many particles there...
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    actual dorcy mini look alike

    Nice and shiney too and we like shiney 8-) not got my dorcy mini yet so cant compare it but this has possibilities possibly
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    COMPLETE* 1/7 Destructive Gear PYRO 100 Review

    Re: **UPDATE**Destructive Gear PYRO 100 Review. Nice review so far LarryQ Can't wait to see what there reply is about the serial numbers... Its a shame about the mode hopping, I am waiting to see what they say about it, but if it makes you feel any better I had 3 spyderII GX's with a similar...
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    Selling Alpha125 (142.7 Peak) No 2 Second Delay

    Re: Selling Alpha125 (142.7 Peak) No 2 Second Dela Thread closed as requested 8-)
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    RIVERDANCE (As you have never seen it before!!!!)

    Re: RIVERDANCE (As you have never seen it before!! LOL, I see TL's googling skills are rubbing off on you or is it the other way round ;)
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    Selling Alpha125 (142.7 Peak) No 2 Second Delay

    Re: Selling Alpha125 (142.7 Peak) No 2 Second Dela Links fixed for you, now loosk nice and neat 8-)
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    Um, is there anybody selling anything in the US?

    Re: Um, is there anybody selling anything in the U Welcome to the site (: If you want to build your own Laser then best place to start would be our very own SenKat's sales site as he used to organise the Group buy for the diodes and on his sales page you will find links to the various threads...
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    evaluation 30mW green laser!!

    Aww thatnks Mari, I will try to be as quick as I can with it, I had better make my Data Cable up soonish now I have the right schematic (;
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    evaluation 30mW green laser!!

    Nice write up mari, it normally takes me a few beam shots to get anything near a decent one that I like so dont worry. When I get this in I will be testing it for Green and IR on the LPM-1 and the Coherent Lasercheck with the LPM-1 giving us a nice output graph 8-) I have never seen one with...
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    I NEED HELP!!!!

    Well anything over $40 you will be charged customes on or $60 if its a gift (dont quote me on that, these are rough figures and to play safe go with $40) but you have to remember that the parcel will only be insured for the value that is decalred..... A parcel that had a declared value of $75...
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    CR123A housing HAS blue ray.

    Re: CR123A housing awaits blue ray. Very nice Rog, I can't wait to see that as a finished project 8-)
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    Welcome to the Madhouse drlava 8-)
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    Orange laser show

    Nice pictures Bro 8-) I watched him on the webcam while he set it all up, was really nice in the end esp[ecially with the scanned image on the wall 8-)
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    ** IT'S OFFICIAL **  Laser Power Meter GB --

    Re: ** IT'S OFFICIAL **  Laser Power Meter GB Erm my kit seems to be for a different schematic as in the one that SenKat has, could you please send me the correct schematic.....