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    Advice on what to do about budgetgadgets.com

    http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c155/scizor2120/wiiar3259.gif?t=1285124322 It took forever for their package to get to me, too.
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    Wicked has new Lasers

    I can't be the only one noticing that Wicked Lasers is now claiming to be selling a 532nm "1W" laser by "11/1". I don't see how that would be possible at a $330~ price point without a direct green diode.
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    Color Acuity Test

    I have to force myself to see the five. I keep wanting to see an eight.
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    A-130 and A-140 GB Update! Diodes are In stock! No wait!

    Has anyone received anything here? Is there any evidence of anything being shipped here?
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    Ebay $9 blu-ray pens: GREAT!

    Were the green modules pushing 33mw including IR ? It is an important distinction
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    445nm build question

    As far as module confusion, I am honestly just confused. I know what the diode is. I know the lens makes the light the diode produces converge. I know the driver converts DC power from the batteries to DC power for the diode. Beyond that, I get kind of lost. As far as the the diode, I don't...
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    445nm build question

    I just want to see if I am actually understanding the tutorials. 445nm Diode + 405nm/445nm laser module housing w/glasses lens [OL1845-BL] - $12.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products + this hot option...
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    Price Check: Focusable 445nm laser

    I am curious as to the price a 445nm focusable laser would cost. Power isn't going to change the cost (since it is all the same diode) , but 900mw-1100mw.
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    WTB decent but cheap laser pointer

    I want glasses, batteries, battery charger, and laser. I am considering a 200mw red from o-like, but the $8 shipping charge is irritating me because $0.01 shipping from DX is much fairer. It is my understanding that 200mw red would be the cheapest for burning stuff, but if it can be done...