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    Pointers and LED TV

    Your questions are difficult to understand. Are you inquiring about this issue for a particular purpose, or just curious? I imagine that most LED screens are not made with laser pointers for presentations in mind. As far as safety goes, simply using a <5mW pointer (520nm/532nm for best...
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    Greetings from a Belgium based laser enthusiast

    I'll add my much belated greeting in here as well. _Wim_ , If you ever plan to do a real project that needs the B&W-tech 473 units let me know. I've got a some I might let go for a good cause. It sounds like you have a great start with what lasers you've got and your projects.
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    Measure Laser Distance

    I would imagine that there are sensors for arduino to measure distance using laser. However, I don't know if you can use a 532nm dpss laser for this, as the doubling/nonlinear process might cause issues. What are the distance range are you looking to measure? Are you thinking to use the 532nm...
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    Single line argon = 488 collimated + royal blue flashlight?

    My first thought would be that it is slightly misaligned or something non-normal with the optics. It looks like the 488 output is normal though, is the 488 centered to the other light circles, are the other lights smooth/even? I can't say I have much of an idea of what it could be. When you say...
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    Yellow laser diodes might become real

    It is no doubt that inevitable yellow laser diodes will eventually become a thing, but the question is when. I believe there has been a number of older papers also showing how to make yellow or yellow-green diodes. One thing to consider is that simply making a laser diode of one wavelength in...
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    Laser Guns! (Photos) - Is The Tech There Yet?

    I will add, there is a distinct difference between laser weapons that blind (not to be confused with laser dazzlers, which do not cause damage) or that cause thermal effects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convention_on_Certain_Conventional_Weapons
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    DIY Laser projector guide?

    What is your goal? Buying one is usually cheaper than making one. The main reason to make one is to customize it or as a learning experience. I made a simple projector nearly from scratch for a project, so I can answer some questions on aspects of what I did.
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    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    I have also done some experimenting with this but did not finish it as my design was not looking promising. One issues I ran into was creating the hermetic seal for the diode. The main issue is with the TEC inefficiency and determining the number and power of the TEC units in a stack to get the...
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    Welcome to LPF! Have fun browsing LPF and stay safe.
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    Laser diodes in series or parallel?

    From memory, the AMC7135 have fairly low voltage dropout. If you could get a single driver to give enough voltage to run them in series, would it be possible to simply use a mosfet to switch on another set resistor to get two power levels? What is the max current you are planning on running...
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    Driver for 488 Diode

    I've used the MicroFlex V5 for a 488nm diode and it worked fine. From what I've heard, it is a good, possibly the best, driver for sensitive diodes too.
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    Favorite Laser Pointer Uses

    I've used lasers to try reflow soldering. Not ideal, but might have a purpose where normal reflow/soldering can't be used. I'll throw in a cool experiment idea. You can use a higher power single mode laser, I've used my~200mW ML101U29, to make perform optical trapping/levitation/optical...
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    Pumping a dye laser with an MDP laser chip ?

    I'd be doubtful it would work. Controlling that many beams to get a good focus would be very difficult. Since you'd be using CW pumping I would think you'd need to use pump/flowing dye. Did you see this thread yet...
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    470nm vs 445nm against 525 nm

    The link that CynicalBrad posted from lambdawave gives a decent color representation by wavelength. Use that tool to get a colorr approximation. For myself, the transition from blue to green happens around 495nm-500nm. At 488nm it looks like a very light blue with no green to my eyes. At 505nm...
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    Pot modding to lower power?

    520nm diode lasers would not have any issues with lower temperature instabilities. Does the laser power need to be adjustable in the field or just once? I would suspect that pot-modding it should be OK, but without knowing the circuit it is hard to know for sure. Putting a polarizing filter in...