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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    Not sure if this counts as a double post... ‘Still, this is a must watch if you like Supertramp..
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    "Hello, Mr. Ranger, sir!", have you seen Boo Boo? 😂
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    In today’s world “News” agencies or “political” parties can‘t be trusted... Anywhere in the world! If you can find it, watch a documentary called Hyper-normalisation. At nearly 3 hours long, It’s a heavy weight but, a must watch if you want to find out just how our modern world of news and...
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    My wife and daughter love it... But funnily enough, neither will get on the back of my VFR 1200. My son and myself love to ride fast but we both hate those sling things. This one is really funny... so long as it‘s not you under the shower 😂 Skip the intro, show star at 0:30.
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    Best laser equipment for marking bases in an outdoor game?

    Hello. I would strongly advise you to check your local laws regarding lasers. When it comes to pointing lasers at the sky, Most countries will have forbidden zones like x amounts of mile/kilometres from airfields, airports, hospitals and such. Also, eye safety for your players should be number...
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    Hi everyone !, new member from Cyprus :)

    Welcome to the forums. Get those safety glasses ASAP! Cheers!
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    Hiya there from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forums Dan Cheers!
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    New to site and lasers from Ohio,USA

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    Visual definition of nightmare. This one’s even funnier... sound on a must!
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    FS: Sanwu Laser store - RGB handheld lasers, 405nm,445nm,465nm,470nm,505nm,515nm,520nm,525nm,635nm,650nm

    Glad you guys are back trading. ‘I would of love to put an order for your Tracer. Alas that price hike has stopped me, for now. Cheers
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    Software upgrade

    Thank you, Avery. No issues so far. Cheers!
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    They’re a good distraction when I am working on a difficult problem and want a little break from overthinking it. The guys is funny as F! @Paul. I would of said something quite a bit stronger than UHG...🤫 Cheers!
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    Greetings from Oklahoma!

    Hello, Whit! and welcome to the forums! Your mum was a wise parent when she refused to give you the WL at 10 years of age. Cheers!
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    Some my laser and host

    Loving #3 and #4 from the pictures in the first post. Great work! Cheers!