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    New models coming, Jetlasers PL-C Pro and PL-D Pro

    Damn it! Gray, if you are reading this, STAY OUT OF MY POCKET!:wave:
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    Anybody live by me?

    While I agree with your logic bennett, how much can we trust someone affiliated with that company?
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    Anybody live by me?

    If you are both 13 yrs old how are you going to rendezvous?
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    Camera advice

    She was also looking at this camera Sony Alpha SLT-A35. Is there a lens like the f1.4 you suggested to buy for this camera? The Canon EOS Rebel T3 has only 12.2 mp and thats what the camera she is getting rid of has. If we deside to go with photo shop, which photo shop does all these thing for...
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    Camera advice

    Hello everyone. I am going to buy a camera for my fiance and would like some advice on what to get because I know next to nothing about cameras. To help with giving me said advice this is what I can tell you at this point; She would like to get into photography as well as photograph our son's...
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    Anybody live by me?

    Stark county...30-45 minutes south. I have an ophir with a DMM.
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    What should I get?

    You have been here long enough to know that a member or two here will build something superior to nearly all of the stores, at least with the 445nm diodes.
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    1 Watt 445nm laser. Aurora Host C3 Custom

    Did it seem to anyone else that the two boys in that video are a "little light in their loafers"?
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    Laser for frying pest anemones in a reef aquarium

    You have made a good choice for these needs.
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    WL 1.5w lasers?

    Their reputation doesn't matter too much because they reach enough new people to scam.
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    Some really cool melting reflections :D

    If you are careful, and your lasers are powerful enough, you can get some cool effects from a cd/dvd. It resembles what a "big bang" might look like.
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    Viper 95mw or 125mw

    If you value customer service go with the opto. Side note; @paddy- I just noticed in your sig that you were the one who beat me to the "ECHO". Hope you enjoy it.
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    Poor taste

    Ha! Classic. Did you give or recieve it?
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    Poor taste

    Would it be in poor taste to contact your secret santa recipient to get ideas of what they would like to get?
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    May be selling a WL

    Would you go fishing without bait? Why don't you post pics and whatnot when you have the units in your hands? It will help your efforts to sell.