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    [Done]Looking for X-Boost with soft start

    [EDIT:] And its done... Magically while this thread was confirmed I got a PM from Lazeerer :) Hi, I´m looking for a X-Boost 1.8A with the SOFT START feature. No matter if its squared or round, it just needs to fit on top of a C6 Pill (Im using a extendet build with a giant heat sink). Since...
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    Extended S4 Host

    Hi everyone. After I failed my Arctic Modification Project (1V loss at the tailcap using a boost drive... This host should just be locked away) I started searching another host which works of a 18650 and has good heat sink capabilities. After searching I came across "lazeerer's Personal C6" and...
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    My homemade GAUSS RIFLE

    Such a dangerous toy, but I think you also had your reasons to build it and know exactly why someone want to build it...^^ When I did a little bit of reading about coil guns I was more afraid of the strong capacitors using in a handheld Build... I dont think an accidental discharge will be so...
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    My homemade GAUSS RIFLE

    Super nice one... I thought so often about building a coil gun, but always had some other project running or simply had no time... [edit] Argh, next time I read the video before posting... Battery Question solved :P How many shots do you get from one charge? Und auch noch deutsche...
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    Bench PSU to charge batteries?

    Sry to discuss this on your thread ApexProxy, but it has at least something to do with it. My source doesnt use any math since as you all said its NOT linear. Here is a charge graph of the Trustfire 3000mAh (which is actually one of the best cheap batterys you can get and discharge with up to...
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    Bench PSU to charge batteries?

    If you want to add a protection circuit, you could also just add a full charging circuit... I got some of THESE for a futurue Charger project Im thinking about. They are really tiny, 2.21$ each and all the testings Ive done was great. True CC CV charging and you can set the current with a...
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    Bench PSU to charge batteries?

    2-3% less voltage (4.1V instead of 4.2V) will result in at least 10% less capacity. Its indeed not linear but not the good way, even if there is a spike at the end. The cheap bench power supplys we use are not made to be set in the 100mV range. There is a reason why real lab power supplys can...
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    Bench PSU to charge batteries?

    If you are talking about Li-Ion battery it would be possible if you limit the current to 250mA or 700mA and the voltage to exactly 4.2V, this would charge your battery first with constant current and then with constant voltage (CC / CV), like the good chargers do. The problem, why I think its...
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    How To Anodize Aluminum

    Very nice guide...^^ When I started anodizing I found a very nice german shop which also had all needed tutorials on their page, which helped me a lot. Maybe a few things I might suggest: Using Aluminum for your contact points is the easiest way, but If you are going to anodize several parts...
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    FS: 1W 808nm infrared laser pointer

    The Product Information Sheets he got are from Odic Force, you can see the beams in the logo of one picture... You can get this laser new for 90 GBP (115€ or 140$). Odic Force shipps very cheap in Europe, also you get a brand new product with full customer service if there will be some...
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    same color

    As soon as the pink dots disapear I have to check that red line appearing between the 9 and 10 o´clock position and destroy the effect :(
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    Scared of my brother's laser..reasonable?

    I would try to tape down the button and let it lay for 15-30 minutes... I think it should overheat and die quite fast... Also maybe some other kind of heat deaths? Does a laserpointer survive a few seconds in a microwave? (Not longer then a few seconds, I guess these cheapy laser pointers will...
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    Survival Laser S4™ Custom Host

    as you can see I wrote this in the S4 thread... So there could be the possibility Im talking about the S4 host, but couldnt find a matching picture cause the host is pretty new... I think you misunderstodd me... I want to know if the S4 has the same thread as the C6 at the marked spot...
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    Survival Laser S4™ Custom Host

    Hi guys, I need some information about this host and sadly Garoq is on holidays and I hope I can find an answer here from anyone who has an open host to check something for me. The question is simple: Is this (see picture) thread the same as the C6 host has (M24*1)? I need to order some parts...
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    Arctic Mod - Protected 18650?

    Im already using protected cells and I dont want to use unprotected just because this was designed by Idiots from Wicked.^^ I will drill it out (not to the end, so I get an point where 21-22mm goes to 19) and place a new battery tube inside. Also I can place a PCB with a spring on the inside...