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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Never received anything. Not even a return email or message. I'm over it. Still, not cool.
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    Osram PLT5-488 Aspire Mod

    That looks great! Nice beam and nice host, too. Are those Aspire hosts still available anywhere and is that a momentary switch or on/off?
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    495nm Laser66 Pen Build

    Love the pens! Great build. 495nm is a very nice looking wavelength, too.
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    Do you do any of the aluminum with momentary switches?
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    "Unleashing", The 7W Monster By badboybilly

    That's a great build. Good work, Billy!
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    SOLD! Sharp 473/477 Laser For Sale

    I wish I had seen this earlier. Congrats on the buy.
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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Sent an email AND a PM. No response. I'll try again.
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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    I paid for one of these and never received it. I guess I'll have to get paypal to refund me. :(
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    My 493nm 'Jetlasers Ti-B' Build

    That is one killer collection! The hosts look really good, too. Have fun with the new color. Its pretty great.
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    495nm Leadlight

    Luv the pens! Great beam. Very nice work.
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    Side Button or Rear Clicky

    I like momentary switches. I think an on/off back + momentary side combo is ideal.
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    WTB: Any 477nm/480nm

    How much were they going for? Were these around 480nm or 488? I'm still trying to find a nice 473-480nm pointer to replace the pointer that got stolen with my bag recently. Finding a diode would be half the battle. I may just end up buying a sanwu, although I prefer pointers with a momentary...
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    Sharp 473nm 55mW Laser Build

    I've had no luck with the search. If anyone gets a line on one of these diodes or a pointer with one inside, please let me know. Just shoot me a PM. If you are willing to build one, we can talk, too.
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    WTB: Any 477nm/480nm

    I didn't think there were any more diodes around for sale. Wasn't there talk of Sharp possibly releasing more of these pretty soon? Seems like I read that somewhere around here.
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    My 477nm and 502nm builds.

    Looks cool, Rich. First, I want to replace the one that got stolen with my bag. That was a great build. It will be missed. I bet the thief has no clue what they got. I really like the 473-480nm range. That 495nm one looks great. Has a momentary switch? (Yes!) We'll talk.