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    Survival Laser RH 635nm Review

    Very nice laser! Great review. And the beam shots are awsome.
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    Review/build 3W+ 1x26650 with Sinner MSSSW host, by offroad

    Great looking host. And a sweet build.
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    1.6W 445nm M140 in Saik-305

    Good review, and great laser ya built. Keep up the good work.
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    SFCR-200 660nm Red Laser Review

    Looks like you got yourself a nice laser. Good review.
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    Review of the "White Light" (RGB) 400mW Laser

    That's one cool toy ya got there. Good review also.
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    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    Jamaall: Nice review! Sounds like ya got yourself a good deal.
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: For sale: NEW 1W-2W 445nm 501B lasers from $110 I just got a chance today to try burning a few things with the 2.3w I got. This thing is a monster! Cd case at four feet: the instant I got it focused it burnt through. A piece of .125 thick black plastic I made into a splash guard for...
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    For sale: NEW 2.5+W Dominator, 1x26650 blue laser.

    Sweet build! I like that you put your name on the host. What method did you use to get it on there so clean?
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: For sale: NEW 1W-2W 445nm 501B lasers from $110 Mine showed up today. Only an 11 day wait from the t I ordered it. Very well packed! Great looking laser. Thanks blord.
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    O-like seems fishy

    My mistake , there used to be a googl search bar down there. I should have looked before writing the post.
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    FS: 100mw Ehgemus 532nm Black Powercoat

    That was quick Though I'm not surprised, Ehgmus stuff don't last long when put up for sale.
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    O-like seems fishy

    There many places to buy a cheap red laser. O-like, is not one I would use. But I did have a bad experience with them. I would suggest doing a search on them, using the search space at the bottom of the forum page. And read some of the posts about them. If you do decide to buy from them, do...
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    Lazerer and US customs

    I have had tracking numbers from china never update. I ordered parts from china five months ago, have already received them. But to this day if I check the tracking number, it says in transit, miss sent. I don't think they care to scan all items as they pass through the check points. Lol
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    Is this a good laser?

    For $50.00 it looks ok. However I have never dealt with that company. If I were you, I would save some more money and buy a laser that is built buy one of the many trusted guys here of LPF. Check out the buy, sell, trade section of the forum. If you do decide to buy that laser, be sure to write...