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    Question about a nova X-100

    I was wondering if it was possible with age for a Nova x-100 to start gaining power. I bought mine Dec 31 2007 and have used it a great deal over the years. When I first received it the output was 135 peak 119 average. I confirmed those numbers on my kenometer last year. I just tested it today...
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    DX pen style blu ray from 23$ to 48$ 5-100mw

    Build quality is decent I dont have any problems with mine. They are the same black painted brass pens as the green's DX sells. Not really up to doing beam shots sorry. Beam is visible in the dark but thats about it. For a first 405 these seem like good units. While it is a little underpowered...
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    DX pen style blu ray from 23$ to 48$ 5-100mw

    I just received mine I ordered the 100mW one works great tests at 85mW on my Kenometer It does have a very large rectangular dot 2mil by 4mil at 1 meter only took 5 days from ordering to get to my doorstep so they must have really improved shipping.
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    Whats the output of your most powerful laser?

    1852mW 808nm Portable
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    What does it mean?!?  (your name that is)

    Re: What does it mean?!?  (your name that is) Well when I made the name Lorgar up years ago when I started playing Asherons Call it was just a name I liked the sound of. But it seems Games Workshop liked the name as well and has started using it in Warhammer 40K...
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    GB laser barrels

    Got my 1 Barrel as ordered with all the little extra bits
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    Could a laser cause this?

    Whatever you do make sure the breaker panel is powered off before you open it. There is more than enough juice in the panel to kill you. If you are not sure what your doing get an electrician.
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    Could a laser cause this?

    The breaker could be damaged or there could be a short. Is the floresent light a 4' or 8' strip? the ballast could have blown and that could be stopping the breaker from reseting properly. Depending on the draw of the lasers they could have caused the breaker to trip. You only have 15amps max on...
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    Does this iron look any good?

    Looks good to me both iron and air are controlable and the price dosnt seem bad
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    petsmart laser

    645nm +- 15nm lol
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    Laser Meet Toronto area

    Thanks it was a fun night and we will probly be doing it again soon. The Blue RPL is a real nice unit.
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    Laser Meet Toronto area

    And a few more
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    Laser Meet Toronto area

    More pics
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    Laser Meet Toronto area

    Drawing on the wall