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    What antivirus do you use?

    AVG & Common Sense
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    488+532+405 Tunnel effect

    Awesome! Very nice.
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    How old where you when part 3

    I was like 8 I think :) Funny thing is that I was just drinking when I saw this thread.. lol.
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    A whole new level of idiot

    Not sure what to say... >:(
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    bah...BIG MISTAKE!

    I've burnt my phones screen, stupid me ;D
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    Okay... This is creepy

    Lol this is fun :)
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    NSFW ----WTF ;D ;D ;D

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    Good goggle for a high powered dilda?

    Lol very true ;D ;D
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    It was just over $40 total... I think. Didn't have to pay for anything when it arrived at my door (which you usually have to do here in Norway)
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    Wont be here for a week

    Have a nice week
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    DealExtreme doesn't ship US?

    No importing diodes and modules are ok But lasers that aren't FDA approved cannot be imported according to the US law.
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    I've got the red 640-750nm safety glasses. They work very well. Highly recommened.
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    Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits pens

    Re: Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits Huh, you don't trust google? :o
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    My very first blu-ray laser

    Jaseth: Thanks! I'm from Norway. :) That forum is diskusjon.no. jayrob: Thanks! Yeah... wow... the flexdrive was much smaller than I thought it would be. This was a fun project indeed. Definately not my last build :P
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    legorobotcomics... must be a laser fan