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    Lumia Effects Art Book

    I have a friend who has been into Lumia art for quite some time and is hoping to publish a book on the subject. He has a campaign recently launched on Indie Gogo . Check it out here If you`re into lumia effects and are interested in the history and collecting the unique art form then visit...
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    Contest announcement

    Hi people, I noticed this contest open to laser enthusiasts and thought you might like to participate. The winner gets a free Liquid sky laser scanner + 650nm Red Laser diode module (7 milliwatts with driver) and it's powered by a 5vdc supply included. The winner will be randomly selected at...
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    Laser jacket worn by Bono of U2

    I agree with your choice of color. Maybe a band like Kiss could pull off something like 3 laser jackets, all different colors RGB. Next thing will be laser projectors built into the clothes, for living billboards.:)
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    Laser jacket worn by Bono of U2

    I've sen laser harps, laser sabres, laser gloves, and now a laser jacket made specially for Bono of U2, now touring. I wonder what the MPE of his jacket is rated at and do his band members have to wear protective eyewear when he's prancing about on stage. Check it out here " Laser Jacket: Bono’s...
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    Do you have a fog machine?

    You did a great job for your first prototype fog machine.
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    SHOWDOWN!  473 versus 405!!

    Re: SHOWDOWN! *473 versus 405!! The laser driver is pulsed instead of constant wave.
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    Laser Harp?

    Never built one but would like to make one someday. How many lasers will you be using in your design ? Did you design the photosensors yourself or copy an existing design? Will you be using the photosensors to trigger preset tone generators or run it through a computer so you can reprogram...