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ArcticMyst Security by Avery


Life long laser and optics tinkerer. Currently working on a DIY 8 wavelength fiber multiplexed Raman and Fluorescence hybrid spectrometer.
Nov 11, 1981 (Age: 42)
Long Beach California


Always shopping for any single mode laser wavelengths I don't have.
I do DIY Raman, Fluorescence, FTIR, and plasma temperature measurements.

UV: 375nm, 395nm,
Blue: 405nm, 409nm, 420nm, 445nm, 468nm, 473nm, 488nm
Green: 490nm, 502nm, 505nm, 515nm, 520nm, 532nm, 558nm
Yellow: 571nm
Orange: 588nm
Red: 633nm, 635nm, 638nm, 640nm, 641nm, 650nm, 658nm, 660nm, 670nm, 680nm, 690nm
IR: 780nm, 785nm, 808nm, 880nm, 1064nm (1kW CW)

Please sell me your uncommon wavelengths Single-Mode diodes! Lab RnD diodes with unknown operating lifespans are welcome. My experimental Raman spectroscopy process improves confidence with added wavelengths.



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