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    What kind of new laser toys or projects are you all working on?

    Hi Red, Why do you need reducer here? It will make the final divergence as bad as of NUBM44s originally. To focus the beam, one convex is enough and to make a long range beam I would use Sanwu 3x BE (but stack expanded beams as triangle to better enter the aperture) - it can also focus at 5-10m...
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    What kind of new laser toys or projects are you all working on?

    Hi Alaskan, Nice to see you here again. I saw that you were away from LPF for half a year or so. My principal toy for the last 6 months has been the setup combining a NUBM08 block from China with 2 Lasertack micro KE-setups on a 60mm Thorlabs cage. I had to buy and make in the local CNC...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Finally Lasertack has sent me 8 of their new mirror prisms designed especially for 390-440nm region. So I can continue with KE of 4 of these LDs (the picture was in post 55 of this thread). I am planning to put this set on ice box to keep diodes at rt.
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    Fenix TK75 - How to remove bezel?

    Thank you, Encap! With heat gun we managed to have it open. Strange that the glass circle diameter is 80mm. I thought it should be 75 as stands in the torch name.
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    DTR G8 lens

    Me too bought 5 of these new DTR G-8 collimators to test. Strange that everyone in this thread has only written about advantages and almost no one reported drawbacks. Advantages (here I agree with you guys): - 90% pass compared to G-2. My 4 yeas old NUBM44 has 6.42W ouput with new G-8 vs...
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    Fenix TK75 - How to remove bezel?

    I have purchased a used TK75 from ebay and wanted to open the head and discard the LEDs. But it does not unscrew. Has anyone used this thing as laser host before? Any clue how to open he head? I was interested in this host because of big diameter - almost 75mm heatsink with many modules (and...
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Funny, I have been trying to knife-edge 4 of these diodes since many months already. And I still started from ones Hakzaw extracted for me from junktronics modules. Thank you Hak! Finally I had to buy 6 of them to select 4 with good output (one was dead and one too weak)... made a setup in...
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    Where to find the plug for NUBM08 PCB?

    Hi RC, Yes, finally PAP-08V-S was the right plug but there were no soldered connectors for it in the market. It took me one month to buy some loose JST PA connectors (very tiny pieces of metal) and solder them to wires to finish the right plug. But now it works, I can drive the "used" NUBM08...
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    96% efficient LEDs - can anyone trust it?

    Hi, Searching in ali I ran into this seller of UV curing modules for 3D printers. The LEDs here look different from ones in 100W LED I used to play with earlier. In description/specs stands efficiency 96% and working temp 26.7-30ºC..."very low heat generating" (250W unit!) What could it mean...
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    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    Hi m3vuv, I once tried to make this but quickly realised that the position of KE-mirrors and LDs orientation in the A140 light engine was far from ideal to make a collimated and easy to focus beam. Now I am trying to do this with NIchla blocks - need less mirrors for same power. Sorry if you...
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    Driving NUBM08 8x4.75W 445nm array

    Hi Cowmoon, Your post came just at the right time. It is years since I started to try making a big laser from a whole Nichia block. Just check my neighboring thread (where you might find a name of this isoteric connector) and some of other threads... and I prefer to drive all LDs in series - in...
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    Where to find the plug for NUBM08 PCB?

    Returning to the plug subject - I received the Scherlock connectors - these are not the right ones! But seems that I finally found what it really is. These pieces with code PAP-08V-S https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/jst-sales-america-inc/PAP-08V-S/455-1492-ND/759980 Ordered 1 from...
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    Funny story of PBS combining of two 9mm Ushio reds

    Hi logsquared, So you want to say that the divergence only depends on the final wideness (section) of the beam no matter how far away the Beam Expander is apart from the emitter? I had an impression (maybe wrong) that most of the builds tried to position the BE as close as possible to the...
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    New High Power Red VSHIO HL63283HD LD

    Here is the problem - I would have to make such a thing with my hands and 10-20 years ago such "Laser Spirographs" were offered by many postage sellers. I had one from Pearl with weak red laser and 2 rotating mirors. Cats were even more crazy about those figures on the wall than a simple laser...
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    638nm laser bank

    I would better wait until more sellers are there. We are not in a hurry, are we? Remember the story with NUBM08 banks, which came out at 1000usd and now after a couple of years are to get for 150-200.