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    Research Group Using Blue Diode Lasers to Fight COVID-19

    You might look in creating an extended cavity laser diode to get a better beam. Though it comes with own troubles.
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    Motor from a projector

    Hi, It's a long shot. Most of you know a famous projector stuffed with a lot of laser diodes what shine on a yellow wheel. The wheel is rotated by a motor. Thus, my question. What is this motor? It has seven pins. Some numbers on the cable but nothing googles out. Thnx for any help.
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    Laser throw questions, calculations, looking for some very throwy laser (10+ Km)

    subscribe. What is a purpose to shoot that far?
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    Collimation - Down the rabbit hole

    Aspherical lenses usually are design to collimate beams. You can read about them at http://www.lightpath.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Using-Precision-Molded-Aspheres.pdf There are special ones for fiber coupling (or imaging) when a single one does a job. Usually the distances are very short...
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    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    Just checked with mine - works without a heater ( open leads) ; the laser starts to shine ~130 mA (voltage on LD ~1.6V)
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    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    For initial tests I would suggest drop the LD current to 250-300 mA. Then scan the heater voltage to get output. I think mine were ~2.3 V
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    Could Beams Be Combined Using Fiber Optics?

    What is this module? Are all diodes of different wavelengths? (or) Are all lasers on different vertical levels?
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    Looking for a laser for 600yard application.

    + responding in a manner that the project has some "secrecy" will turn people away. YOU need help. OP, if you can not share information you shall consider hiring consultants and signing NDAs. Also look at local laws about using powerful lasers outside.
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    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    Late to the party :) If really a stable operation is needed, you shall have an active temperature controller for the whole unit and a stable voltage supply for the heater. The laser driver shall be stable too (I think that is obvious). Even that is not enough for a long term. An external...
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    Orange 607nm 170mW kvant Labby

    Beautiful color! Is it a duct tape on a heatsink? Do you really need it? It covers quite a lot of surface and reduced heat exchange. Also consider blowing area across the laser base (not a long) to reduce flowing air influence on the beam.
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    Manufacturer statement regarding decanned diodes

    You might read this https://www.researchgate.net/publication/29860964_Facet_degradation_of_GaN_heterostructure_laser_diodes Or a short abstract I think it gives ideas what might happen to an exposed laser chip. Not clear air - dust, aerosols - are another no-no for lasers.
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    Post your random pics!

    Do they allow to "random" people take pictures at military bases? Though nice planes :)
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    I subscribed to the thread without writing anything. But it annoys me to see all capitals in Raman when I receive emails about new posts. It's not an acronym, it's a person name. Would it be possible to change/correct it? Hopefully someone will not create a thread about CARS LOL
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    1W 515nm in the mountains

    I like how those beams "stop" somewhere -- a long version of a lightsaber.
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    Questions about diode and DPSS lasers

    How many of you has checked the post date before reading farther? :tired: Yeah, it's really from 2018 :undecided: