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I’m a virologist and general science geek with a love of lasers! I use confocal microscopy a lot for my research and it’s a running joke around the lab that I have more lasers at home than we have at work! (Not true but I’m not correcting them ;) ) I fell in love with lasers as a little kid seeing a green laser used to point out stars at an observatory - I didn’t know they came in green! I was hooked, and I wanted my own. Many years later, after building my own light dump and creating powerpoints, I convinced my dad I was responsible enough for a powerful laser, and I got my first ever, an Arctic spyder III. And the hobby has just kept going since :)


Science man 🧬 1600’s Plague Doctor 🦠 ☣ Laser Nut 💢
Showcase! Some members of my collection that I want to give a little love
405 - Temporary purchased laser, ~50mW (soon to be replaced!)
445 - Custom NDB7875 @ ~2.7W
445 - Arctic Spyder III @ ~ 1.2W

487.8 - Custom Sharp GH04850B2G @ ~60mW

~532 - Random compact green laser, unbranded ~70mW
~650 - Random compact red laser, unbranded (awful divergence) ~30mW


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