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    Looking for WL 405nm nano

    Anybody have the violet nano from wicked lasers that they'd be willing to part with?? Please let me know if you do & we'll discuss prices & all that ish 😁 Thanks guys!
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Man.. I'm not gonna say this is a "complaint" because I absolutely love this pointer, CNI, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it's performance. Small pieces of the black gloss are chipping off of the host though for virtually no reason. I baby this laser! Never been dropped and when not...
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Thanks bruddah 😁
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Thank you my friend! Yeah I bought a 6mW 405nm glp from Hap on here a while back (love it!) and while the sleekness of those AAA cell hosts is nice, I would 110% rather have a host a tad bit bigger for a yellow wavelength to give the pump diode as much heat protection as possible. Even though...
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Yesh that is what I paid 😁 I truly contemplated spending the $399 for the Spartan, but I had a talk with myself & decided that a hundred bucks less with a still visible beam was a smart option haha. Plus I've noticed yellow pointers are starting to pop up in the glp models that take two AAA...
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    Premium +175mW Green Laser Optotronics.com

    Does the host ever get noticably warm? And how's the beam do with stability within it's duty cycle?
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    New sanwu 304 405nm 100mw

    Sanwu is an amazing company with unmatched quality. That being said, those 405nm 303s are just the most suicidal lasers on the market. 405nm is my favorite practical wavelength so I've purchased numerous 301s/303s and none have ever survived more than a few months. I thought Sanwu might have...
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    My 589nm Aurora

    My 589nm Aurora series laser pointer from dragon lasers next to a 650nm Sanwu pocket in low power mode. I don't have a power meter but most of what I've seen from dragon lasers these babies clock in around 10mW and mine seems to be right there with em. At optimal temperature it produces a...
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    Greetings from Miami

    Welcome brotha! Awesome intro!!! You're going to love your 589nm GLP from dragon lasers 😁 I just received mine about a week ago and I can't put it down! Hands down favorite pointer my fingers have touched lolol turn the lights down & enjoy that needle thin beam 😎 add a lil fog/smoke & admire the...
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    Comment by 'laserdreads' in album 'Dragon Lasers Aurora 5mW 589nm DPSS Portable'

    I just got mine in the mail about a week ago 😁 such an amazing pointer!! & That price they have it at right now is too good to pass up. Gah I wish I had a power meter though. I get a halfway decent beam (for what the laser is) in a dark setting and it lights up small, completely dark rooms...
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    I already know I will! Haha thanks :)
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    Didn't you personally build that momentary switch for me for the host you used??
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    I do trust ya bud. You gave me video links to see it and the tracking number definitely is saying I have something on the way. I just wish USPS could track it haha but no worries :) as long as the laser doesn't break within a week or something like that I'm sure I'll be satisfied! Plus you have...
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    I know Alaskan has successfully received hosts he's bought from this guy before... But holy crap y'all are making me a bit nervous now lol
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    My tracking number is a lil weird too. Vietnam post has been showing me updates, but USPS says my item is untrackable. He did send me a video of my completed laser though!