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    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Re: New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green Thats funny dereileak. I shined my laser at nearby fireworks going off in the air too. and the laser was glowing through the fireworks smoke. luckily the people could not complain because here in california fireworks that go in the air are illegal. at least...
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    Why is it that reviving old threads is sooooo bad?

    Say you brought back a thread that was a year old, well you basically bring back the OP too, and so it is almost like ressurecting the account, even if that person has not logged on in over a year. So if you apply it to real life its almost like saying Why is it bad to bring dead people back to...
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    50mW laserpointer safety questions

    Yes, of course! My goodness why even ask!
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    405nm PHR Pen

    I thought the photosensors on the lamps were more sensitive to 405 oops
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    405nm PHR Pen

    It is also good for turning off street lamps? Right?
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    Oh no Kipkay and lasers again

    Damn KipKay these people HATE you. I just think he should not have laser giveaways to any age, It should be 18 plus only. Oh wait most of his viewers are ages 12-17. Well you could start giving away other cool things? That is all.
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    Help me make this man understand...

    I once told my nephews that my laser would blow there eye up, which was bad because now they wont even touch it, well good actually lol
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    Scammer alert

    Awww this thread was an amazing read, lot of lessons i myself learned from this 30 min read!!
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    What do you guys use your lasers for?

    i just get an orgasm when i shine high power lasers in the sky, i never burn anything... the laser is an extension of my arm. its a full body high
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    Oh no Kipkay and lasers again

    Ok you guys are obviously jelly of kipkay, i doubt anyone even made the laser lighter in the first place. let alone a kid. AND i think thats its a good idea that he randomly gives the lasers to anyone, that way they will blind themselves and maybe kipkay can get in big trouble.
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    Leaked US Apache Helicopter Cam with sound... :(

    Yup i would have dont the same thing, we are all human we would have all done the same thing at that moment in time
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    i invest in God.
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    Lindsay Lohan gets 90 days!

    i has her accidental upskirt pics, LOL who wants them?!!??! herbie XXX lolololl
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    What a year on earth really looks like

    Wow people did not know this already? What are they teaching you kids in school these days?
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    What watch are you wearing?

    I wear a vintage movado est price 15,000. Was my dads.