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    Umbilical Cord Source?

    I’m looking for something similar to what OEM air cooled argon laser vendors use. Woven w/ PVC impregnated? Not Sure Has a click/adhesive lock system apparently. This one just look like plain ol’ PVC. Oh by the way, the PSU I was looking for way back here, I finally found it, but the...
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    Umbilical Cord Source?

    Hello, I have a few air-cooled argon lasers I play with, but I need to jump some pins for them to lose. I was thinking of building a remote interface by reverse engineering the pinouts, and I’ve got a shopping cart full of wire, TE AMP CPC connectors, MultiMate sockets, BUT,, I have no idea...
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    Interlock key replacement??

    I found the key code completely by accident, popped up in amazon when I was browsing for something else (targeted ads are kinda scary lol). A lot of the older power supplies use NKK for the key interlocks, the one that fit mine was key code #1201, but yours might be different. Daichi is right...
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    Interlock key replacement??

    I recently picked up a NEC/Showa GLS 3135 PSU and matching GLG 3135 argon head. It's an OEM only 488/515 setup from the Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope. Everything was working fine, but the interlock key was snapped off in the lock. I just used whatever was around to twist the cylinder on...
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    594nm HeNE

    Do let me know, I have a Showa GLG-3075 thats just being an expensive paperweight at this point, wondering if I could rewire it to work with the GLS-3080.
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    New Laser66 520nm Sale

    I'm assuming the fuzzy spider isn't included?? :p Anyway I'm a little confused, why does it include an AW battery + energizer battery 5v total? Does it run off of a lithium + alkaline battery? Probably not, could you enlighten me lol Lastly, are you interested in trades at all? I've got some...
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    594nm HeNE

    Are you selling the NEC Argon?
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    Free 50mW Green DPSS Laser

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in like forever, but I'm moving in a couple months, so I decided to put some lasers I have up for sale/free since they deserve to be loved instead of rotting, forgotten, in various nooks and crannies of my house. I'll most likely putting some gas tube/ps...
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    Laserbtb tracking

    That happens almost consistently. International tracking from hk/china area doesn't really work until weeks later or after the package has arrived in the dest. country.
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    Help finding PSU for Argon laser

    Oh. now I see it says 18 WATTS and not 18 AMPS. I feel like a potato. :o I really hope I can find a PSU. I did see one on ebay, but the seller insisted on getting $400 for it. :undecided:
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    Help finding PSU for Argon laser

    Oh no, I hope I don't end up paying $100 for a clunky piece of metal :( Could you elaborate on what the adaptation of a different PSU involved? Or point me to a thread? Also, I have read that Showa and NEC PSU's were interchangeable, and NEC PSU's seem a tad more common, would I have better...
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    Help finding PSU for Argon laser

    Hi, It's been a long time since I've played with lasers, or been on the forum, but I just got an argon laser for about $100, and wanted to see the 488nm photons I'd given up on seeing a long time ago. It's a Showa Optronics GLG 3075, but I can't seem to find the specs on this, nor an adequate...
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    Free Laser (For Me...Score)

    There are two errors on this page right now:Customer Access System - Wicked Lasers "by simply entering you serial number"should be "by simply entering your serial number" and "available" in "This is curently only avalaible for S3 Krypton models." is misspelled. Maybe someone can point them...
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    DIY Green He/Ne Build. Mellow Yellow DPSS Hybrid

    Maybe it's because the current only flows on the host of the laser and passes over the diode Like how people inside an airplane don't get affected when it gets hit by lightening.
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    My First GreeNe - JDS Uniphase 1654

    JDSU tube from a JDSU engineering dept. that downsized recently. I got it for $50, which is pretty good for a 543nm (I think), and in great cosmetic condition too! Got a matching PSU for $40, and wired it with plug and switch :D Model label - the JDSU logo portion has been removed for some...