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    What Is It... thread for unidentified laser optic goodies

    I will take a look through my stockpiles and see if I have an 80MHz q-switch driver good for 10W. $500 is way to much, that is almost the new cost for a suitable driver. Also- I was never able to confirm that the q-switch in my avia was actually 80MHz, do you have access to a network analyzer...
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    What Is It... thread for unidentified laser optic goodies

    It does seem to be an Avia, although not a UV one since it only has a single LBO. It is possible that there are two crystals in that heater (it is extra long...) but unlikely since there are only enough wires for single thermistor and it would be almost impossible to get efficient operation...
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    FS - PM5100 Power meter + PM10 Sensor Head - SOLD

    Edit - this meter has been sold Molectron PM5100 Laser Power Meter with PM10 Thermopile - eBay (item 230568651684 end time Jan-06-11 17:01:35 PST) I have since upgraded to the LM series equipment, so my old PM10 head and PM5100 meter are up for grabs. If you want to purchase it directly (not...
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    A140 48 hour burn in test

    Just a reminder, the primary cause of 'death' of these diodes is a slow steady degradation in power, it takes a lot to get them to turn into a LED/DED like the diodes extracted from computers do. This effect can be seen in my testing at 445nm laser diode If you look on the long term graph at...
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    Testing at High Currents in Motion

    That is correct, this is from an A-140 projector.
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    Testing at High Currents in Motion

    To echo what has been said earlier, the reason these diodes don't just up and explode is that they have a much larger facet (no one has had a chance to measure it directly, but it is at least 10 times the area of the singlemode diodes extracted from cd-rom drives) so the power density is not...
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    Testing at High Currents in Motion

    Hi all, I am the owner of the website linked in the first post. Upon closer inspection of my initial measurements, I did make a computational error and have since corrected it on my website. In the projector the diodes are run at 1.7W for 3.2ms, followed by a brief pulse of 1.4W for 1.3ms...