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    LEGO Mindstorms NXT Laser CNC

    I finally put aside some time to record this video. Direct link: Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Laser CNC - YouTube It's made with one Mindstorms NXT (v1, not the revised v2) kit. I'm having a bit of an issue with wobble, but I can probably fix it. It's not intended as a "practical" CNC due to the...
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    Some pictures I took with my new D7000

    Kit lens for now, I have another lens that might be a bit better for low light stuff that I got from a friend, but I'm sticking with the kit one for now. I shot some of the pics with just the auto mode (no flash), and some of them with shutter speed priority on and a long exposure (max I tried...
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    Some pictures I took with my new D7000

    They're all downsized in quality and size by Imgur, if you want them in their full 4928 × 3264 glory, you can download this 29MB zipped archive of them all. In a related area of discussion... What are the best settings for these types of pics?
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    Want a new laser, parents don't want me to buy

    I got a 5mw (later metered at closer to 30mw) DX laser or two, then told my parents I was going to get something bigger. My father didn't care, my mother worried until I convinced her about safety, etc. Maybe it wasn't the wisest jump, but I survived 5mw -> 1.2W without loosing my eyesight, and...
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    WL S3 Lightsaber??

    Picture was directed at WL, not at you. Thanks for posting this video :D.
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    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Yes. Will It Blend? - Laser Pointers - YouTube
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    WL S3 Lightsaber??

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    Do you have a university in town or nearby? Call up the physics department and ask if they have a LPM, it's worth a shot.
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    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Ah, ok. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    The most beautiful wavelength?

    Hmm.. I'd say that I really like 473nm, but choosing from the wavelengths I currently own, I'm not sure which I like best... 532, 445 and 405 are all awesome.
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    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Is it just me, or is that the description I wrote for my video? Laser Assembly SL I 1.2W - YouTube
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    Kipkay's Propaganda ; Rhetorical Analysis

    Damnit, he isn't even trying these days...
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    Do blue lasers require ir filters?

    Blue and red are diode-based lasers, and do not produce IR.
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    Sunglasses for 15-50 mW lasers?

    From: Laser FAQ - Laser Wiki
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    20W of a 589nm - Not kidding :)

    Well, we know WL won't be making it. Where's those LPM pictures you promised us a few days ago? ————————— As far as this thread goes, thanks for the pictures! That's quite a nice laser. 20W... Damn, that's insane!