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405nm 70mw pointer from DinoDirect
445nm 1.1–1.2 Watt Survival Laser I
(with copper heatsink & extended focus ring)
532nm 22mw DX NewWish pointer
532nm 22mw DX NewWish pointer module (pulled from a pointer)
532nm "200mw" DX NewWish module (bare module, wiring is a little weird,
but the output is fairly good — update: I accidentally fried it :cryyy:)

3x Red 1mw cheap/crappy pointers

Most lasers have been tested with a LPM (except for the SL I and the 200mw DX module)

Phatlight build (lots of ideas, but not much progress yet)
532nm "200mw" lab module (to replace the recently-deceased
(accidentally fried) "200mw" bare module)

G-2 lens upgrade & a new spare set of
higher-quality rechargeable batteries for my Survival Laser I

Like being able to see? Buy some quality safety glasses!
Here's what I own and use for my collection:
Eagle Pair 190nm–540nm @ OD4
Eagle Pair (EP-1 S2) 190nm–540nm @ OD4 + 800nm–2000nm @ OD2


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