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    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    Jmillerdoc mentioned LarryDFW and he only sells the light green panasonics This is his FS Thread Quality #18650 Batteries
  2. jnhowett

    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    I sent the money to cover the rest of my laser and shipping. I hope I paid in time to get one of the first shipments of lasers :drool: I will need it shipped to a different address than what I originally emailed you. I put the address in the message area for the PP payment.
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    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    I sent you a gift. :paypal:
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    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    I am totally in for one of these, PM sent! Glad someone decided to put together a GB for these, its the push I needed to get one of these.
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    CLOSED: 4.5W 638nm Laser Diode

    Re: OPEN: 4.5W 638nm C-mount Diode Group Buy I would prefer we test this diode first. I want a diode that will make a decent handheld.
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    CLOSED: 4.5W 638nm Laser Diode

    Re: Feeler: 4.5W 638nm C-mount Information/Giveaway I too am interested in a group buy for these. It would be nice to see a red that can compete with the 445s.
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    25$ new broadband AR PBS cubes from Newport

    Darn! I placed an order for four of these on the 3rd and I checked the satus of my order today, it said cancelled. I called them up and they said they all sold out real quick and it took their system a while to show it :cryyy: They were probably gone before you posted this...
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    OPEN SOURCE: "CC-Boost" - 2.4 Amp boost driver - RC1

    Re: OPEN SOURCE: New Boost Drive, 2.4A capable from one cell, tested and working Wow! I had never heard of solder paste or even soldering with hot air till now. Watch this, MIND = BLOWN :drool: ZypXa9BDXHw
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    9mm diode in a sinner pen host w/ a pocket clip of course.

    Awesome builds! I have two sinner pen hosts on the way so I will have to keep the no case pin fix in mind.
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    Is Jetlasers a reliable company?

    My Ti-B 523 has been my favorite laser since I got it. The workmanship they put into their hosts is amazing. Also I was in on a group buy a while back and purchased a $700+ PL-E 532 that I had a few issues with and they covered return shipping on a full refund. ;)
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    Updated! Firefly 589nm DL Review!

    I saw that first new pic before I read the info on them above it and I was like... :huh: That's how bright it is during the daytime! :thinking:
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    Updated! Firefly 589nm DL Review!

    I feel like that's the best they can do because these are already cheaper than I remember 589's ever being. Plus a lot of us were already thinking of getting these :takeit:
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    Updated! Firefly 589nm DL Review!

    A GB for these would be great. This may be our best chance to get affordable 589's If this happens count me in!:drool:
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    Sinner's Custom Hosts Clearout: V5 Copperheads $38 , Cypreus Pens - $15

    Going to build some lasers and these copper pen hosts are going to be awesome :drool:
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    Help me out and vote?

    Voted, hope you win! :)