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  1. Jimbfes

    LPM, need advice

    Would be nice if i could get some recommandations on LPMs. I really have no idea, what i have to pay attention to, when looking for one. What i do know is, that i need something to measure the output of mostly cheap lasers, or just lasers that i can't trust of their stated 5 (or w/e)mW, for...
  2. Jimbfes

    Hello All

    On the Laser forum,I was stunned over the information, tip, guides and advices. I have read a lot and learned even more. So now I’ve gone crazy with my wallet due to the interest . Anyway I have bought a 150mw green laser from Lazerer, a 1W 445nm blue Laser from O-Like and lately a 1,150mW 445nm...