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5Watt Thermopile LPM Red Display + tripod + DC adapter by nospin (Jim Myers)
5Watt Kenometer Pro LPM by Kenneth Rowe
Wickedlasers 650nm E3 ~ peak 120mW
Wickedlasers 5/532 Core (Given away as a gift)
z-bolt Premium Green Laser Pointer 5/532 - Chrome & Brass, ~ o/p only 3mW (Given away as a gift)
Jetlasers 100/532 Ti-lite A ~ peak 115mW
Jetlasers 200/532 Ti-pen ~ peak 215mW
Dragonlasers 1000/447 Spartan (Review)
Wickedlasers 1000/445 Spyder III Arctic G2 ~ peak 740mW *Pictures
Jayrob's Maglite 2D, G-1 Lens, A140 Diode, avg o/p pwr = 1400mW
RDTech's Maglite 2D, G-2 Lens, M140 Diode avg o/p pwr = 2W @ 4mins const run, Peak 2.3W (Review)
COCONUTS's REDUCED Uranium Marbles and OverSpec AAA Pens 405_532_650nm
Laser Safety Goggles from Lasersafetyindustries ~ 100-10-130 Fit-over Prescription [OD 7+ @ 190-534 nm, OD 5+ @ 850-1100 nm, OD 7+ @ 1064 nm]
Laser Safety Goggles from Laserglow Technologies ~ LSG-532-NF-7 Fit-over Prescription [OD 7 + @ 190-532nm]


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