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    Low budget 2w 445nm host

    Oh ok, it was one of those newer core i series coolers.. gotcha. Nice work. For the zooming head, yeah, I think a set screw would be fine. Drill the hole in the outer, zooming section, and drill just enough below in the host body to make an indent but not go through the metal; then apply set...
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    some pics from the archives

    DANG DUDE! Now that's awesome... Gave me an idea for laser dominos... hmm I wonder if there is a way to make a game out of that! +1 for the best laser pics I've seen all month!
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    I've done it, after almost 2 years.

    Congrats! Lab lasers sure are nice pieces of high tech jewelry!
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    Laser battery help

    If you're for sure going through Amazon, I can recommend Orbtronic 18650's. They are made from high quality Panasonic cells. I have a few and they're great. Protected cells have a circuit board on them and tend to be a little longer, they may or may not fit depending on your laser. I know...
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    How to focus this thing?

    Even if you can't focus it, and spent a lot of time getting it disassembled, at least that is experience you can keep. Take it as an opportunity to perhaps learn about the lasers construction, or upgrade it with a new module or driver.
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    Low budget 2w 445nm host

    Looks awesome to me! I love the exposed, radial fins. Reminds me of a 1920s radial aircraft engine. I see you used a zoomie flashlight as a host. Any issues locking down the front, zoomable head on that? I have two zoomie lights that are essentially hosts for whatever now, thought about...
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    more plane attacks killing our hobby 7-16-15

    Mark my words, After the first plane crashes, or somebody loses a life or becomes permanently eye damaged/blind, there WILL BE legislation restricting ownership outside of the home. Think concealed carry of firearms, only for lasers of all power levels. You'll need a permit to purchase or...
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    Got a couple new green lasers

    More likely, and for sure if you can see the beam at all, that 303 laser is anywhere from 30mW to 80mW. RARELY are they much higher than that, but sometimes. It's high enough to need goggles for indoors. Have you blackened the head of a match and tried to light it yet? I have a new "5mW"...
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    Purposely looked at 50mw laser...

    There seems to be more details to this claim than what meets the eye (yeah, that's right, I did that)! I'm going with either troll, or underspec laser with brain adjusting for visual damage.
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    Just got my first laser above 5mW...

    Good point.. "lesser than" is quite literal! I am actually surprised that this silly thing made it through customs as well, it says "laser" on the packaging, and came with a battery and charger (which I promptly threw out as garbage: 4800mAh Ultrafire? um, no). Yeah it seems I got lucky...
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    Just got my first laser above 5mW...

    Ok, yeah, it's one of those "laser 303" variants.. I didn't know at the time and it was cheap with a coupon code.. BUT... for what it is.. is impressive for a beginning laser-ite (laserholic? laserfan?). Of course the sellers website stated 5mW... uh-huh. The sticker on the host states...
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    New Guy Here!

    Just read through all of those links.. very nice work by ShadowSix!
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    Purchasing Lasers or laser kits

    I also found these posts useful and relevant, thanks all. I also owe Andrew's Grandfather a posthumous thank you for his contributions to my favorite genre (and arguably the most influential in human history). Thank you Hugo Gernsback! Andrew, I intend to start as was suggested here, with a...
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    more plane attacks killing our hobby 7-16-15

    I saw one the other day: Chuck Norris once urinated into a semi as a joke. Today that semi is known as Optimus Prime. On Topic reply: this is just insane.. I can't comprehend how any decent, normal adult would do this. It must be punk kids or screw-offs of some kind thinking they're cool...
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    5 Laser hits on Aircraft in NYC , a Federal crime- 5 yrs in jail and $250,000 penalty

    Saw another "news' article stating that 4 more planes were dazzzled by lasers in New Jersey just a day or so ago. Of course many of the commenters on the article were morons.. "if they're shooting down planes with laser pointers, we need to ban laser pointers..." <face-palm> Way to ruin a...