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    weird effect when changing current

    Could be the noise on your potentiometer, seems a little odd. Perhaps if someone else weighs in they might know. How come you've focused the laser out so far? Have you got a lens for that module installed yet?
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    Trinh Hong Phuoc made Convoy S2+ Host for 12mm Modules.
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    weird effect when changing current

    Yes, the capacitors are acting as a low-pass filter - i.e. The PWM from the fan is being passed on as a varying input voltage. If your current-regulator circuit takes a varying input voltage and outputs a varying current, it is NOT functioning correctly, and should not be trusted to keep your...
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    weird effect when changing current

    Yep, but the LM317 is still the component where the majority of the wasted power will be dissapated regardless of its configuration. You will need to heatsink the LM317 if you are powering it with a 12V supply and trying to output hundreds of mA. The laser diode itself will have a forward...
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    weird effect when changing current

    Okay - so You're connecting the PWM fan connector in place of the power supply on that driver? A couple of points to note here; 1. You're going to get a seriously large amount of heat coming out of the LM317 here - A linear driver dropping 12V to the forward voltage of a DVD burner laser diode...
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    weird effect when changing current

    What's the schematic you built that homemade PWM driver to? An LM317 won't do that on its own :)
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    weird effect when changing current

    Most potentiometers are pretty noisy - so you should expect to see all sorts of unpredictable behaviour if you keep the driver powered up while you adjust it. It's typical and reccomended to set the current of your laser diode driver using a Test-load of which I have attached a schematic as...
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    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Glad to hear you're back at home and on the mend - My best wishes for your recovery of course.
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    Sharp 185mW GH0631IA2G 638nm Laser Diode

    Ah fantastic! I was hovering over the button for a random ebay seller with one of these bare diodes - Glad you're carrying them Jordan! I'll place an order soon when I get the cash to do so (y)
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    DIY aixiz module

    Seriously - use the edit button on the bottom of each of your comments to add content instead of replying inline. It spams the forum with notifications that those who have them set up to email etc could really do without. The best US source of 12mm modules is DTR. In the EU, DTR's fine. I'm in...
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    Hi from Czech republic

    Welcome :) Sounds like you'll fit in well - and you've a pretty good collection already! Nice intro.
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    Can it be done? Olight PL-mini to 532nm laser

    The other benefit of a direct-diode laser is the reduction in parts that can go out of alignment etc. A 532nm DPSS laser may not be as tolerant to the forces involved with firing a gun. Probably not an issue if it's for an airsoft gun, but for an actual handgun - you may have a longevity problem...