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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Yeah - the Brexit Irish border issue is definitely something that needs some careful thought - something that the current PM appears absent from...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Pretty sure that Irish303 is just trying to stir up and open old wounds there. Almost as if he's blaming the current-day English people for the actions of the politicians from before they were born.
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    Green laser dot issue

    You can't really do anything to the diode to stop it unfortunately. There may be an optics solution to minimise the appearance of it, but as others have said it's inherent to the diode. Be careful when you have the laser open as you did to take a picture of the diode itself. If dust settles on...
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    How to contact jetlasers, 2.5W not blasting black balloon

    Out of interest - why did you go for an infrared laser? The danger with a high-powered invisible laser is far greater, as you can't see it to avoid it properly! I hope you're equipped with a quality pair of goggles designed to block infra-red wavelengths that you wear at ALL times the laser is...
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    Still faster than the speed I get here in the UK Trinh - I'm paying for "20 Meg" because my ISP thinks their customers are children who can't understand technical terms - but it rarely peaks above 10Mbps down, 1Mbps up.
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    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    Nobody else get the feeling that the camera operator is a giant DB who just wants to make a scene and get attention online for doing so. Sure it's not against the law to film people working in a public place etc. - Still a dick move if they ask you (3rd person plural) to stop and the only reason...
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    How and where to start building lasers? Books? Internet?

    Well said. There aren't many on here that'll attack Chinese made products across the board - though most agree that there are some real s*1t peddlers there that will happily lie on listings and provide non-existent customer service. Then there are sellers like Sanwu and JetLasers that produce...
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    Question For You Chemists

    I'd like to see this - though you'd have to be very careful about the orientation of the bar - as the thermal conductivity of graphite is around 400W/m⋅K (bloody incredible) but it's around 20W/m⋅K in the other direction - which is significantly worse than copper or aluminium...
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    Happy Birthday to Curtis Oliver :)

    Happy Birthday Curtis :) Many happy returns!
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    My 520nm Convoy S2+ Build

    That's rough Cosmonaut - it was my 2nd 520nm diode that lives in my S2 520 build so I felt that pain some months back. Nice to see your writeup :) There's really not a lot of options for round 17mm drivers that are very avaliable. Since these convoy builds are pretty popular at the moment, I...
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    CLOSED: Osram PL 530 Modules: 808 nm to 530 nm OPSL Technology - Narrow .3 nm Linewidth (new, old stock)

    I'm the same as Red here - Stick me at the bottom priority as I've no use for these yet, just wanted to get a few in to play around with :) Happy to chip in my amount to help cover your losses though I expect you've probably contacted the seller anyway!
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    Laser Tag Gun Into A Real Laser Gun(video, killing Iphone 6)

    I'm assuming you've got quality safety goggles right? Phone screens are pretty reflective!! I sometimes use an old phone screen as a diffraction grating though - well worth giving it a shot though it may harder with that particular laser...
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome! Glad you found this community - it really is a fantastic place to learn and there's a real sense of community between members :) Glad to hear you're staying! If you can edit your OP to add your rough geographic location that would be appreciated by many members (Country is fine, if...
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    Thought this was interesting...but

    I saw a video a few weeks back where someone took an experimental Solid-State cell, hooked it up to a lamp to show when the cell was functioning properly, and then cut a chunk out of the cell with tin-snips. There was minimal smoke and sparking as the cell was cut into and while it was being...
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    Question For You Chemists

    I'm pretty sure that with well prepared surfaces, the close press-fit that a diode into a metal module gives is going to do a better job. An interesting suggestion - but not one that seems all that practical unfortunately...