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  • Hey Down. That beast looks wild. I'm at work. So I will have to read that thread later and I'm looking forward to it.

    The driver came with the light. It's 5 mode buck with that stupid next-mode memory. The next mode can be fixed by putting a smd resister (usually 330ohm works good) on the proper capacitor. I just haven't had the time to identify which capacitor powers memory. It would then always start on high after the light The driver uses PWM for the modes. Probably not a problem for my application, but I would rather low be true low and not high speed on/off pulses at full power.

    It's probably a pretty cheap driver that can be acquired from the various Chinese vendors. If you would like, I look around.

    I am hoping to eventually find a good budget non-pwm driver. If I do, I'll do my best to remember to let you know about it.

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