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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Diode press and Removal Tool arrived today :-P. the easist removal ever :D Thanks.
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    so discouraging!

    if anyone is completly new to Laser diode and they just happen to read this forum then i guess what i wrote might possibly help... or make things worse lol everyone has thier own soldering techniques and preferences. My bad :oops:
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    so discouraging!

    I've snapped the legs off of 2X 80mW (CW) 650nm LD's and off of a 1W 808nm (that hurt). but i have never had problems with soldering them, they are really easy to solder, i put the diode in the housing first (so it conducts the heat from the soldering iron away and prevents the diode...
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    Pulse Laser Gun

    WE MEET AGAIN! lol. Im still looking for a YAG laser. i think i will go with the SSY-1 (even though you said it isnt all that great, its the only thing i can offord). its either that or buy a 20W 808nm Laser, but then i have to worry about power supplies and FAC :-/. did i read that the SSY-1...
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    Fog machines?

    i purchased a 400W 230V heat exchanger off ebay for about £3. took it apart and wound my own temp element for testing. custom element consumes 5A @ 6V so 30W. gets hot enough to boil water and steam is forced out the other end of the exchanger but it isnt hot enough to prevent "almost" boiled...
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    Airplane attacked again! (seatac again)

    Volfram: an eye for an eye... i like it :D . i got one of those cheapo 5mW green lasers from DX the other day and for 5mW it is very bright! i wouldn't want that thing pointed in my face! especially while trying to fly a plane!
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    Focal length of AixiZ acrylic lens?

    To be honest, i never even knew they existed, i can't believe i just built a host to take 3 rechargeable AAA's when i could just put 1 of those in.. grrr... i always find things too late. Thanks again.
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    ok so $12 for 2, all in. Thanks, i will see how my bank balance looks at the end of the month!
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    Focal length of AixiZ acrylic lens?

    Ok Thanks, i may buy one of your lenses when i have a laser diode worth spending the money on... if that makes sense... Thank you Very much, i have heard lots of good things about scopeguy20 and he has also helped me out since i joined LPF a few days ago :D. i will have a few diodes to sell soon...
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    I noticed :(. Your ones do look a hell of alot better than the ones on ebay, but im trying to budget everything i do. i can't stop spending money on the internet... It's too easy! lol. $5 ech plus $1.50 shipping... how much is shipping to the UK? Thanks
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    Thats a valid point (unfortunatly). uranium marbles are cheap on ebay :D.
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    :D. its just a shame all the toys i like seem to expensive! why can't i find a cheap hobby?
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    ah, that could have been where i went wrong. i went on united nuclear earlier but got quickly distrcted by tesla coil parts and uranium ore... i dont think i made it as far as the marbles lol. by the time i had finnished looking i forgot what i went on there for :thinking: .
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    FS: Huge 1" Crackle Glass Uranium Marbles!

    yes i did, pictures of vase? and one picture in the thread itself. i saw "First you have to find the translucent ones. Treat them to 400 degree's for 2 hours. Then cold water... Jay" i assume thats how you crackle a marble. but i want to know what the difference is between one that has and...
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    4 ROHM diodes for sale 17.50$ a piece

    i read every single post in this thread and never saw that :-/. i have a bad habit of not checking the dates hehe 2007, sorry. you can lock a thread? i only joined a few days ago so im still trying to find my way about. sorry for upsetting you... twice in one day!