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    New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode (NDG7475T)

    Re: New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode 1W 520nm. That will certainly bring one back to lasers. Watching prices. :pop:
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    Is that true that infared laser are the best for burning ?

    A clear plastic lid is fine for CO2 laser cutters. A lot of material won't reflect it & that clear lid is opaque to the beam. It would have to cut through to get out.
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    A Weird thought

    This made me want... zL4NuLpXU7c ... what was I saying?
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    How do you find the purchases a user makes? :thinking:
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    ir filter for green modules

    Whats the smallest you've found so far? Have you seen the 4mm square ones on ebay?
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    Does your "___" mess with the thermostat?

    I had my own AC in addition to the house AC ! :na: I was unusually hot as a child / teen. My Mom felt bad and gave me my own AC. :thanks: mom <3 <3 In slightly warm temperatures my ears would glow bright red. I loved fall & winter! School thought I was being neglected since snow would be...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Matt Ohrenberg!!!!!!

    » » » » » » » » Happy EARLY 28TH birthday!!! « « « « « « « « Huh? A cake... with my name & age? :crackup: Now thats good. That cake might be a wee bit stale tho. Don't risk it if you want to see another year :bday:
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    How to "De-Can" my diode for Cleaning

    Search 'decan' & you'll find some methods. Definitely better to try cleaning the diode window a few times (search for cleaning methods).
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    X-Boost V7 Mini & Super Mini (8mmx11.5mm) 1.8A Laser Driver

    Re: X-Boost V7 Mini (10mmx12mm) 1.8A Laser Driver Perhaps try a batch on a hotplate? :thinking: Reflow the DFNs on the hotplate & do the other side in a toaster. Epoxy the little monster if it tends to move during 2nd reflow.
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    Look what "iFound"

    If your concern is about just the water indicator stickers themselves then ebay sells new stickers. ;) Wondering if water damage can often progress after the pcb seems dry & functional? Be interesting just to know what common sources of later water damage are. Corrosion, moisture sensitive...
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    Someone who own's a decanning tool, please read

    Several members, myself included, have decanned diodes without an expensive tool. You can place a diode into the jaws of a lathe, dremel or power drill & hold a razor against the can as it spins (at the back edge / farthest from the window). Might not want to risk it if the diode is rather...
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    What is this?

    Quack medicine! Forgot about that option. Can you see down the end of the handheld wand?
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    What is this?

    Glad I don't find treating hysteria so difficult that it requires inventing new devices.
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    Has anyone done the beep test?

    Beep test? Hearing test?
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    eBay bots?

    If the bid was in the last few seconds isn't that usually a snipe bot? So no one may have been online at the time then. Are there really account details they get by winning that are useful for scams? I thought snipping is just to increase chances of winning an auction out from under other...