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  • Hi all -
    I'm wondering if multiple (say red) lasers are available in a single package?
    A line of ten with a separation of 2mm would be perfect.
    Or alternatively SMD ones that i can solder myself?
    Ideally including mini lenses for parallel beams..

    It doesn't sound that outrageously esoteric to me. It's the kind of component you'd think would be commonly available. There are plenty of them for LEDs, but not laser diodes as far as I can see.
    Hi, and thanks for the advice and info. I'm nervous and super-careful enough with "just" the 200mW LPC-836, I definitely wouldn't play with anything stronger without decent glasses, whatever the price.
    No, the only ones I recommend from Fastech.com are the TD-EG-02 and are for green and blue laser's only which was what I thought you are planning on getting soon. Do not get their "Blue colored glasses" for red laser or your HPC-836, they a useless as I bought a pair and won't even stop a 5mw red laser cat toy.
    I don't see you as mean, just on a budget and these that i'm recommending will get you by but members are sincere with pushing good glasses.
    To be honest for a decent pair to cover your 836 you might have to pay some money because for that red wavelength I haven't seen cheap better than nothing pair available yet.
    I by no means really recommend cheapie glasses but hoping your first blue laser will be no more than 2W+ look at Fasttech.com. Now they have a few different pairs but look at
    their TD-EG-02 red lensed SKU1444315 and no other on their sight. They are OD+4 and CE certified as a F which means industrial projectile protection also. I have a pair and they will fit over prescription glasses.
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