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    New to DIY Lasers 250mW

    Are you chinese? or a foreigner happen to live in china
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    Projector abstracts

    Hey, Did you make a 'Build thread' for your projector build ? Awesome projections though, looking forward for more pics.
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    Need a labby with good duty cycle

    Do you happen to know any good labby sellers. I have seen most of the DIY Labby's built by LFP members do not have a box with then. I think they are called modulators/modulation. What is the use of those modulation boxes, and can we order a labby without one of those?
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    Need a labby with good duty cycle

    Hello LPF, Until Now i have seen and used handhelds and now i want a laser which has some decent duty cycle which can run for few hours together. I know labby's have decent amount of duty cycle but don't know how long and what are the different labby's i can get. I have read about TEC and...
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    Writing everything in CAPS doesn't mean you'll get all the attention needed. People will help you when they notice your thread either way.
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    Business Idea - Kinda like how Dell build your computer

    When you speak about being a organized company. It should be registered, have certifications from FDA, ISO standards, pay taxes, employ people, Do the Auditing, Patent your stuff, Copyrights and many more shit like these. And when any govt feels it's time for you shut the shop and pass some not...
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    Mini review - 650nm RC-A2 IgorT built

    Beautiful laser.:wave: Where did ya get that tripod from? It's nice.
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    Blord's 501B 1W 445nm Blue/Voilet

    Hello folks, This is going to be my first review here on the LPF. Let's get started.:can: So, Here goes the timeline: Pre-sale: 9th December - I Order the Laser, Payment confirmed:paypal: 10th December - Blord ships the laser W/ Tracking (Reg. parcel) 13th December - Reaches Mumbai Foreign Post...
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    LM317: $0.32 / Piece - Free Shipping

    lm317 vs lm1117. Which one's better?
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    Review: 2.6W Copperhead by Blord & sinner (ULTRA PIC HEAVY)

    Ireland is so beautiful! and the laser too ofc. :D!
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    New Laser Information site [Live!]

    Re: New Laser Information site Because it could be worth it. Don't fail to surprise all those viewers, make it like no one did it. It's a challenge for you.
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    New Laser Information site [Live!]

    Re: New Laser Information site I would like you to make a section for building lasers, tutorials and stuff. As you say, it must be noob-friendly and you must try to add everything we need to make a laser, Test loads, batteries, drivers blah blah for newbies.
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    pics 1/22 - projecting onto snow

    Wow, that's beautiful mate. What are the projectors you've used here?
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    [SOLVED] Does anyone have a nice idea for a laserhost for a green lasermodule?

    Re: Does anyone have a nice idea for a laserhost for a green lasermodule? Why don't you order for a custom host and heatsink from Mcrouse or Edumonium here.
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    Anodized Zasers!!!

    Re: Blue/Black Marble Zaser Made from marble??? :wtf: