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    Popping balloons with Red laser pointer

    what balloon colors will a red laser pointer be able to pop the easiest (other than black) thx
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    Green Laser Lifetime

    I have noticed that most companies say that their green laser pointers have a lifetime of 3000 to 5000 hours. What specific part of the laser is most likely to fail after this time period? Another question. I would think more powerful lasers would have a shorter lifetime than less powerful...
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    More Powerful Yellows from LaserGlow

    god i would love one of those yellow laser pointers.. only color i'd want more is blue. do you think with 10mw for a yellow, you can see the beam at night?
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    Other Green Wavelengths?

    Are there any green laser pointers with a wavelength other than 532nm? Just wondering, because I think it would be cool to have different shades of green.