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    Gun Discussion

    Not here in Komifornia, this backwards state is going to make ammo a lot harder to get.
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    On Sale Now - The Cypreus II - A Copper Laser host by Sinner [25/25 Shipped]

    +1, finished product and build pics would be awesome. I'm still trying to figure out what to put in my XL, decisions, decisions :D
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    Single beam night session (PL-E PRO 532nm 800mW)

    All great pics but I really like the last couple of sky shots you got. Some killer beams shots for sure!
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    Blood Moon and Lasers

    Excellent pics for sure. It was too overcast where I live to see it unfortunately.
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    [ALL SHIPPED!!!] GB: 9$ O-like's "G2" Lenses CLOSED!!!

    Just got my lenses today, packaged very well and arrived perfect. Thanks for this group buy jimdt7.
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    Gun Discussion

    Where I live in California, they limit the type of guns you can buy, the magazine capacities and the ammo you can purchase. Plus, there is a 10-Day Gun Waiting Period and a strict background check along with firearms safety test you have to pass before owning a handgun, so obviously, you cannot...
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    Gun Discussion

    Try, try at what?
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    Gun Discussion

    +1 :d.
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    Gun Discussion

    My guns were made and designed for competition and recreation.
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    Gun Discussion

    Well that Glock cleaning video was very instructional....and didn't suck ;)
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    [ALL SHIPPED!!!] GB: 9$ O-like's "G2" Lenses CLOSED!!!

    Re: GB: 9$ O-like's "G2" Lenses CLOSED!!! I just paid for my 3 lenses and added in the shipping and paypal fees so I hope I got the amount correct. Thanks for this GB.
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    She has not said a word!

    I tried that with a motorcycle I came home with over the weekend, she wasn't buying it :whistle: Maybe I will try again when the bunch of copper pen hosts I got from sinner come in :D
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    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Well that's what I have to figure out. I already have a 16" with a Medcon barrel and a 14.5" lightweight setup so these lowers I'm going to get creative with. AR pistol sure sounds like an awesome build though.
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    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I have a few projects to work on. :D
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    Hello from California

    Joined a while back and have some time off work to finally enjoy and be active on LPF. I got a LP from fastTech that one of my customers gave me last month, advertised as 5mW 532nm, but the comments on the FastTech site clearly state its overspec big time so that got me curious how safe this...