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    Uniphase HeNe 1103 4mW. I just got 2

    A friend of mine gave me 2 Uniphase HeNe laser tubes one dated May 1995 and the other May 1996. See pics... I dont have a power supply for them yet... Specifications Min. output power (TEM00) 2.0mW Wavelength 632.8nm Mode purity (TEM00) >95 % Beam...
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    Light beam for burning?

    i was thinking last night.... if you got 100W halogen bulb and focused all the light into a small point using mirrors and lenses could you burn with that? Kind of like this
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    Overvolting, and tailcap clickies

    i dont know about over powering the laser but its a bad idea to mix 2 different batteries with 2 different voltages.
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    wanted: DIY red burner

    you might want to try posting in the Buy sell trade section.
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    Nova Laser's Lightyears

    from Nova
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    ya i need to clean it
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    FS 48v Fans

    i have 4 48v fans for sale or trade if anyone is interested in them. only one has a grill and only one still has the original plug. 2 of them have the wires cut a little short (not by me) but you can still attach wires to them. dont really know if anyone here would be interested in them and i...
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    Welcome to the forum. please dont type in all caps. please dont thread jack, start a new topic. if i had more cash at the time i would have got the x100. you will allways get more than what you pay for with nova see here i can see the beam in the dark with the x75. i have not tried to light...
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    What resolution do you use?

    ya i was going to but im not sure what all the WS resolutions are so i just put the Other option.
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    Re: So i got my X75 back.... ok here are some photos..... i will try to get some better beam shots later tonight Click photo for larger image
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    What resolution do you use?

    Just wondering what resolution people use. if you have more than one monitor please specify here also. i use 1280x1024 and have 2 monitors
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    Re: So i got my X75 back.... no its This lens i will post some pics a little later
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    So i got my X75 back.... Now with pics

    after i received my x75 i found it to be mode hopping and sent it back to nova See here my old laser peaked 112.3mW and averaged 93.2mW. my new X75 peaks at 111.0mW, a little lower than my old one but the average is 99.7mW. its .3mW short of a X100 O and they also sent me a line generator...
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    GB CLOSED: DDL driver "plug n' play boards"

    for my 2 assembled boards please leave the pot holes empty as i have pots i can use
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    What was your first >5mW greenie?

    My 1st Green laser was the Nova X75. i always wanted a green laser and after i found this forum i did allot of research and looked at prices i got the x75.