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37..crappy daytrader' sadly getting asswhipped on the stockmarket by freaking aut.algotradingPCs

just evolving in some sense or the other..
Copenhagen N. Scandinavia Denmark > Laniakea regio
Aging ' in a precurius timeaccelerating fashion..



Curricolum' for miscellaneous joy & budgetbuilds..
405 X1 S06Jx12
405 x9 BDR209x16
445 x2 A140
445 x2 unknown
445 x1 NUBM06
450 x2 NUBM05
450 x2 PLT5 450B
450 x3 PLTB450B
450 x2 NDB7775
455 x2 NUBM08
462 x2 NDB7675
465 x1 NUBM07
520 PL520 50mW ver.
532 x14 misc.(though' lot of nm'variation)
638 x2 ML501P73
638 x1 Occlaro HL63193MG
639 x2 HL6323
808 x2 0.5W-T05 9mm
Motivation' soley own'joy & the chase for an NM collection,
and the overall fascination of massless-particless
and not least the mind-buckling'forces there are in play..


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