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    1984 laser "attack" on the space shuttle

    I was looking around online and stumbled across this interesting story: Laser Beam Array Terra 3 Terra-3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sort of has me wondering what sort of power and mrad would be needed for a laser to even be visible from low earth orbit ~200km. Its too bad the mission...
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    DIY Spyder S3 Arctic Burning/Focus Lens

    NM didnt see earlier post.
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    IR danger clarification

    I have a 50mw with no IR filter. I realize that I could add one relatively easily, however I had a question about the nature of the excess IR. My understanding about what makes the green unsafe is that laser safety goggles are useless against it and it's invisible so the eye doesn't react to the...
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    o-like Ultrafire and O-like module review

    FYI also if this laser is anything like the 50mw version I have in the same housing, which I'm guessing it is. It does not have an IR blocking filter. If I put an R-72 filter on my camera the dot is still visible quite visible in near-IR. Here's the R-72 transmission chart...
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    50mw O-Like green question

    Update: This laser is case NEGATIVE it works fine with the battery in with the "+" end pointed in the direction of the tail cap.
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    o-like Ultrafire and O-like module review

    What it the polarity of this laser? I have one but the polarity wasn't indicated.
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    50mw O-Like green question

    Thanks for your response! The battery it came with is a CR123A "Ultrafire 16340" Li-Ion rechargable 3.6v 880mAh. I put it in case positive and it did not work so either the diode is bad, it is discharged, or the polarity is swapped, but I don't want to put it in the other way and find out that I...
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    50mw O-Like green question

    I recently got this: Ultrafire host portable green laser /outdoor hunting [OLUGL50] - $36.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products 50mw green from O-like. I was not aware that they did not come with chargers like my red did. According to the website it lists working voltage...
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    Binocular mounted laser

    I would like to test the range of a 200mw red by mounting it on top of a pair of binoculars and then shining it at a cliff face or carefully aiming at a cloud. Is there any danger of viewing the point through a spotting scope or binoculars? What gives me cause to wonder is that my binoculars are...