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    Am I going to go blind?

    150mw, non direct hit .. you should be fine. If you have after images longer then few minutes, visit doctor to be sure.
  2. DrSid

    Laser in Europe!

    Anyway, why you ask ? I never had problems getting lasers in from China or US.
  3. DrSid

    LG sphere robot .. with laser

    100mW ? In 2016 ? Please .. I bet you could run at least 1W even from batteries it already has. And if there is room for more ..
  4. DrSid

    LG sphere robot .. with laser

    LG today introduced phone controlled spherical robot .. Meet LG?s Rolling Bot, the spherical robot with lasers, lights, and cameras | TalkAndroid.com It's supposed to have live feedback camera .. and low power laser (they say for entertaining pets). Well guess what I'm thinking about .. and...
  5. DrSid

    Laser Show Display Device - What mw is this?

    Basically 9 of 10 times it's easier to just buy these lasers in portable form and don't dismantle perfectly working laser show.
  6. DrSid


    Re: Drone Attack Laser Oh, backscatter X-rays .. I think my country customs office bought like 3. Then they found out that they can't use them, cause it's not allowed to irradiate people without their consent.
  7. DrSid

    Eye damage by laser pointer.

    I have dark shadow on left eye, on lower left side of the usual vision cone. I started noticing it around the time I was playing with my 1W blues. I had my eyes checked and shows up my retina is perfectly fine. It seems to be some defect in the lens itself. The doctor said he could spot...
  8. DrSid

    Eye damage by laser pointer.

    Here is some good reading .. veterans will remember .. http://laserpointerforums.com/f53/hit-eye-1000mw-445nm-blue-laser-69469.html Yes, that thing in Xoul avatar is his retina just after the injury.
  9. DrSid

    That's a lot of lasers

    Totally not eye safe ..
  10. DrSid

    Trench periscope & Geiger counter

    Yeah, $50 is good price. And while my CDV700 could actually be useful, it's too big, clunky and beautiful to be really taken outside. Also historic. Based on serial number I estimate it to 1962. It's prized piece of my collection :D Btw. don't leave batteries inside when it's in the shelf. Also...
  11. DrSid

    Trench periscope & Geiger counter

    Well sadly this is 'high dose' meter. It only detects gamma, and only high intensities. It's for surveys of the hotspots right after nuclear attacks. It's all but useless for finding common radioactive stuff. I have CDV 777 .. which looks ALMOST exactly the same .. but has stand alone probe, and...
  12. DrSid

    Lasers in the sky!?! (google earth sky).

    Those streak looks like satellites. They can tumble, which explains the regular changes in intensity. Those two lines of different color could actually be ISS with resupply module closing in. It looks just like this. ISS itself is kinda redish due the it's solar panels. Add the usual crazy...
  13. DrSid

    I'm Back

    I heard something about some non-government Moon landing program .. didn't realize, it was you .. :beer:
  14. DrSid

    Laser pointer as alternative volleyball net outside

    Visible beam is never safe. Simple as that. Optical fibre could look just as cool though.
  15. DrSid

    White semiconductor lasers? Please explain.

    Yeah, true .. but then .. black is color too, right ? Soo .. :beer: