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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    This unit is indeed water cooled. 1.5 GPM. It’s a lexel 85. I think this one was built in the 80’s, I have another that was built in 1977. I suspect the tube was replaced at one point since it still works to this day! It sat in a barn for about 5 years before I acquired it. Got it cleaned up and...
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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    I haven't fired this beast up for about a year. Thought y'all might enjoy. Still pumping out just shy of 2.5W at full current.
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    Florida Laser Enthusiast Meeting, May 25th and 26th

    Hi all, there will be a Florida Laser meet (FLEM) next weekend in Tavares, FL. This is an event that is similar to SELEM but MUCH smaller with a very small venue. There will be plenty of laser shows and shop talk. All laser freaks are invited to attend! For more information you can send me a PM...
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    New poster, long time lurker

    Ghostgeek, I hope that you will consider attending FLEM or SELEM at some point. Both are laser Enthusiast get togethers that occur in the southeast and it sounds like you'd fit right in. SELEM is held once a year in North Carolina while FLEM is less formal and typically occurs a couple times a...
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    Convert a red HeNe to yellow

    I've always wanted to play around with HeNe optics to see if I could get something other than red from one. I recently noticed that Sam G. sells HeNe optics of various colors on eBay so I figured I'd give it a shot. I ordered up a set of yellow HeNe optics and spent hours trying to get yellow...
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    SELEM 11 Anyone!?!

    Neat! Maybe I'll swing by and check it out! [/sarcasm] Looking forward to seeing everyone again, plus some new folks. SELEM just keeps growing! Wish you could make it Hakzaw!
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    Disruption of Amplification

    I figured some of you pointer guys might get a kick out of this: 6khJLEGizdo
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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Don't neglect the gas!
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    LUMIA- one thread for all-

    You can hook up a set of scanners to just about anything as long as the signal doesn't over drive them. Sometimes I'll connect the X scanner to a ~30Hz ramp and the Y scanner to the 1/8th jack on my iPhone and you can see an oscilloscope type representation of the music. I had to google the...
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    LUMIA- one thread for all-

    The projector I use has 2 scan heads and a set of single mode rgb diodes for each scan head. The scanners are G-120's, very old but still kick butt! One scan head had a rotating piece of textured glass in front of it and the other set is being driven by an analog synthesizer to create the abstract.
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    LUMIA- one thread for all-

    Lumia with a side of abstracts!
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    SELEM 10 !!!!!!!!!! Whos Going

    4 weeks to go!
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    Pulse tragedy

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    LaserPhysics Reliant 300WC help

    Damn. That doesn't sound good. How many hours are on the tube? I doubt it was my old one, I know who has that. It suffered from a problem called the "Red Blues". Lots of red and lots of blue but no green or yellow.
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    LaserPhysics Reliant 300WC help

    I wouldn't bother messing with the alignment unless I knew for sure it wasn't making rated power. The last 300wc I had was quite high pressure after sitting for years. It had a total of 72 hours on it after being rebuilt. Once I finally got it started all I remember seeing was a blue line...