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    The Hyper-Stick - 5th Generation of MS Series

    WHAT?!?!? Absolutley freakin' gorgeous!
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    Driver woes

    Love it! ..and how appropriate? - as I work with clumbsy big hands into to the wee hours of the morning on - yep, a driver. Thanks for that little break - I needed it.
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    Got my 501B today - LOVE it! - great build quality and excellent service - THANKS!

    Got my 501B today - LOVE it! - great build quality and excellent service - THANKS!
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    my driver isnt giving the right current?

    I got these drivers and they fried my red diode. They are just awful. I suggest throwing the other away and don't risk killing your red diode. Go ahead and try it on the test load - see if you can get the current you need, but I wouldn't put your diode at risk, unless you can throw money away...
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    Prices Drop! 501B Kits (Plug-N-Burn add a Module w/ Driver!) Starting at $20ea

    Re: Feeler/Pre-order: 501B Kits (Heatsinks w/ Press in Contact Board Assemblies) Put me down for one black, no knob, please. Thanks. (Depending on budget when this happens, I may want more.) Thanks. djtomt
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    Thanks dtr ;)

    Blord - Can you please supply the model number or other ordering information for that fancy heat sink? Thanks in advance.
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    Hello everyone! Scanner questions

    You need drivers for galvos. Did you see this?: http://www.technoroam.sk/lasershow/
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    "not ready yet for the home workshop"

    LMAO! I noticed that, too!
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    I LOVE your avatar!

    I LOVE your avatar!
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    my ttl experiments

    Nice work!
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    Thanks for the rep!

    Thanks for the rep!
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    Thanks for the rep!

    Thanks for the rep!
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    Fun with the Argon, and friends. (Pic Heavy)

    There's that gas color I was talking about - gorgeous!
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    Laser Show 1.0

    Haha. My RGB ratio doesn't exist until I get my red and green going. That's why it's "1.0" - red will be 1.2 and RGB will be 1.3! If keep burning up diodes and drivers, it may be a while. Until then, my little green and red Spencer Gifts light will have to suffice.
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    Laser Show 1.0

    Agreed....time to HIT THE ROAD! SELEM - HERE I COME! @Speedy78 - I like the WAVELENGTH converter! I was trying to figure out the html code that would bring out the 635 color of my signature before. You've made it easy. :;P: Thanks for looking. @DJZ - SELEM? YES! Hakzaw and FlamingPyro have...