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    Need help putting panel ammeter and momentary pushbutton on my DDL driver.

    I already got the pushbutton working but the panel meter still sucks all the power, can you please explain what you mean by "in the current path?". Where exactly does the negative and positive leads of the panel meter go?
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    Need help putting panel ammeter and momentary pushbutton on my DDL driver.

    Iam currently working with an SLD1239JL-54 and using a DDL driver that has 6 volt input voltage 3 ohm resistor, and ranges from 11 ma to 390 milliamps. I want to modify my driver so that when I flick the on switch it will default to the ammeter telling how many milliamps my laser is set to and...
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    Is the Sony SLD1239JL-54 laser spectator safe at 390 milliamps?

    I know you should always wear safety glasses when working with lasers, but I want to demonstrate the laser to my friends. Does that type of laser have to have direct eye exposure or direct eye exposure reflected from mirrors to cause eye damage or can just looking at the dot on a non reflective...
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    Once a diode is in the module, does the module have to be grounded?

    I have a question regarding putting a diode in a module. I know diodes are very sensitive to static electricity. Once a diode is in a module, does the module already ground the diode, or does the module or diode have to be hooked to a ground?
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    What mode does the SLD1239JL-54 run in with a DDL driver?

    Right now I am trying to select appropriate safety glasses, but I need to know wether the diode runs in continuous wave or pulse. I am using a Sony SLD1239JL-54 with this driver http://laserpointerforums.com/attachments/f50/19054-schematics-sld1239jl-54-driver-please-ddl_driver_diagram.jpg...
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    Is it a good idea to buy cheap laser goggles off ebay?

    I am going to work with a Sony SLD1239JL-54 diode. From what I read, the diode is 650 nm and is a class IIIb. (Here is the data sheet for more info http://www.b0f.com/Laser/Data/SLD1239JL.pdf). The driver for it is going to range from 12mA to 420mA. I found a 650 nm safety goggle off ebay that...