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    Guessing the power

    Thanks for the replies. Even though the prices are good, liionwholesale.com don't seem to be shipping to Europe. So I'll probably order a better battery from some local shop, knowing how bad the current ultrafire is. Can the batteries from Sanwu be trusted or would you go for a branded one in...
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    Guessing the power

    That's definitely nice to hear. Do you think that 488nm 150mW will have a more visible beam than the 532nm I'm using?
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    Guessing the power

    My second ever laser arrived (the first was a tiny <5mW 405nm pen). Ordered it from Aliexpress at around $15, it's one of those Laser 303's hosts with a 532nm DPSS running on a single 18650, 4200mAh 3.7V. My question is: What do you think is this laser's actual power? After (in some cases...