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    official guiter hero thread

    Forget RGB or even CMYK. Use GRYBO!!!
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    Things you hate...

    Fail. I hate fail
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    Identity of StoneTek diode?

    Hi. I had getten a few PMs from him before he left. Here are some qoutes: "I no longer post here because it has gone to shit, with the admin becoming a total pussy, scared of his own shadow - and reading other people's PM's." "it fell apart since hte management saw fit to invade everyone's...
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    posci laser that fries cars!

    I read about it as well. It looks cool. :) DX will soon have a cheaper version, thay do with evreything else...Lol
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    diode from SenKat - not arrived

    Same thing with Dedell, I orderd right before he took down the site...
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    Need i say anything???

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    by far the nicest man ever

    He is one amazing guy, and I am really sorry to see that hees leaving... :(
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    DIY Homemade laser diode driver

    What about the resistor? And the lack of a potinomeeter?
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    DIY Homemade laser diode driver

    So for blu-Ray, you could use a 9volt batt? If you wernt going to use a pot for a blu-ray, what value Restor would you use?
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    My shiny NEW video! :D

    Ummm.... Wish I knew....I need a mulitmeeter. :-[
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    My shiny NEW video! :D

    Nope, jat because of the little blurb at the end. :P
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    My shiny NEW video! :D

    HA HA HA!! I just got banned form WIcked's forums for posting this. :D
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    My shiny NEW video! :D

    As in no driver? No way! it has DDL's, but it has more batts on the inside....