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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    It will be amazing because God will overturn a coup which has never occurred in the USA before. Meanwhile, God is delaying Trump's return because He (God) is using this time to expose corrupt individuals to thoroughly clean the USA and is also making the Biden Presidency and its policies fail...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Regardless of what we believe about current evidence available to show or not show election fraud, over 100 prophets worldwide (Australia, UK, Africa, China, USA, etc.) are all declaring the same thing: Prophecies to be Fulfilled (Before Next US Presidential Election): Largest-ever blackouts...
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    Which Blue Diode is Best for 3W Power with narrow beam?

    I want to build a 3W - 3.5W blue with G8 lens. I see several 9mm diodes (NDB7A75, NUBM06, NUBM08, etc.) on the DTR site which will run in the 3W range. Some 9mm diodes have a G-ball lens. I assume the G8 is better so I will need to remove the G-ball to put in the G8. I don't know if this...
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    There is the Democrat view and the Republican view, but also the Prophetic View: The Trump Prophecies which have come true are: 1) Trump would become POTUS (Kim Clement 2006), (Mark Taylor 2009), (Lance Wallnau 2011). 2) Trump would make the USA the world's leading energy producer (Mark Taylor...
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    Comment by 'cncyana' in media 'IMG_0520.JPG'

    Hi Rich, Firstly, So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you get better soon and are back to good health! Those Mag heatsinks look very well made! So I am building a 2 x 21700 - powered 3 x C-cell Mag. 1) Are the heatsinks for Mag D and Mag C the same? I assume so since they use...
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    hello Rich, PM sent. Thanks.
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    How Important Is Soft Start?

    ok, thank you.
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    How Important Is Soft Start?

    One more question: What about circuit 'noise'? I assume that as long as no overshoot is involved in that 'noise', circuit 'noise' in the driver doesn't adversely affect laser diode life either? Why do driver designers tend to mention 'low noise' as a positive design aspect in their drivers?
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    Single multi-color 3mm or 5mm LED battery status indicator?

    http://western-robotics.com/rc_model_electronics/spectrumhv/ Spectrum LiPo Battery Monitor HV $29.95 Height - 15mm, Width - 15mm, Length - 30mm
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    Blackbuck 8M Driver Heat Sink Advice

    Question: 1) The picture shows 2 chips being heat sinked to the main bottom copper sink. Do both ICs get hot? I thought the only IC which needed to be heat sinked was the black chip (with the many legs coming out the sides)? 2) In the picture, the smaller chip on the left is the one that...
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    NUBM44 Modular Build

    Thank you for the info on the battery monitor. Just to clarify, does this build have a monitor in it? I wasn't sure if it was a new build without a monitor or you modified an older jayrob build which already had his monitor. In general, if you were to put one in your build, I assume it would...
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    NUBM44 Modular Build

    Hello, Very nice build! 1) Can you show how you built the monitor and LED? 2) Can you re-link the monitor link? It doesn't work. 3) Connectors are good for changing diodes but are there any disadvantages to using connectors rather than direct solder connections? Thank you.
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    question about safety power disconnect feature at tailcap of host

    I've been looking at various safety disconnect features we sometimes see at the tailcap of a host - usually in the form of key locks or power connectors like the 5.5mm/2.1mm male to female connectors often used on power supplies for various small appliances. When the male connector is pulled...
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    35MM CU Modules/DTR

    You have quite a collection of modules. Thank you for the photos!
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    35MM CU Modules/DTR

    FYI, AUG_DTR said all modules are 1.0 to 1.5mm longer (total length of both halves screwed together) with diode installed. This would imply the 35mm diameter module is 29mm long total length WITHOUT the diode installed because it is 30.5mm long WITH the diode installed. This, in turn, would...