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Berkshire, UK
Software Engineer


405nm ~25mW ("1mW" ebay) + 1 cap, ~1mW ("5mW" aliexpress)
445nm ~950mW ("1W" SF502B/SciFi Lasers), 10mW (aliexpress)
520nm 52mW (HL520-50B/laserbtb)[REVIEW]
532nm 1mW (maplin), 5mW (odicforce), ~6mW + 808nm ~10mW ("1mW" ebay), ~13mW + 808nm ~34mW ("1mW" odicforce)
635nm 1mW laser distance meter
650nm ~50mW ("1mW" ebay:actwave), ~3mW ("5mW" aliexpress)
Eagle Pair Glasses 190-540, 800-2000nm OD4 (odicforce), Cheap 650nm glasses OD1 (aliexpress),
cheap 405nm/445nm/532nm@OD2+ (aliexpress), IR Pass Filter 700nm-1700nm,
(~) DIY IR Thermometer based approx "LPM", Nitecore i2 intellicharger, MH-C9000 charger

Wish list: 50mW 589nm, Variable power: 1W 405nm, 1W 445nm, 200mW 520nm, 1W 650nm

The Ultimate laser feature: Variable Power




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