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    Most powerful lab unit?

    Green laser, Blue laser, Infra Red laser, IR laser, UV DPSS laser. Depending on required beam specs, expect to pay several hundreds for one at the least.
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    Laser Emitting light not in dot or beam

    Fairly common on cheaper lasers, and sometimes not-so-cheap lasers. It could be a dirty lens, or it could be refracting light from the lens barrel. On focusable lasers, a good test is to turn the focus knob while you're looking at the light on a wall. If the light pattern spins while you're...
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    RGB laser on ebay for 9 bucks??

    I've had a couple of issues with what was apparently sellers profiles being hacked. I tried on two different occasions to buy a Chromecast from two different sellers that ended up being fraudulent!
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    RGB laser on ebay for 9 bucks??

    I got my refund today as well. Oh well, had to try.
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    3Watt 445nm Laser SOLD

    Re: 3Watt 445nm Laser For Sale $120 obo How is this still available?
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    some laser pics from April

    Super cool pics, yet again! Thanks for sharing them!
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    Mainely Lasers Sales Thread

    Re: Diodes, AND a Brand New 7 Watt Handheld! Got my 44 build today! It's a beast! Thanks Ricker! :beer:
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    RGB laser on ebay for 9 bucks??

    Lame! Oh well, guess I'll start the refund process.
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    I Do Not Enjoy Them More !

    On a side note... He was only here for 4 months, and his rep power is almost 1350! I know it been recently mentioned about the rep system being crazy. But honestly, what's the point of the rep system if "questionable" people can rack it up so quickly? Just sayin!
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    Mainely Lasers Sales Thread

    Re: Diodes, AND a Brand New 7 Watt Handheld! I must've missed it when the 44 build went up, and was on super sale! :cryyy:
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    3Watt 445nm Laser SOLD

    Re: 445 3W Pman Laser For Sale $6300 deductible! I just threw up in my mouth a little. What's some of the other things you have on ebay? If you're willing to put your ebay username here, I'd be willing to check out your items.
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    Just how big?

    I'd say to just send him a shaved ice machine! Then he could make his own "snow", and a tasty treat! :D
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    Future build with NUBM07 diode. Looking for guidance!

    I love my 07! 470nm is an awesome color! If you do end up doing one of these builds, you won't be disappointed. And welcome to the forum! :beer:
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    Driving pet peeves or things that irritate h e double hockeys sticks outta you

    LOL. I was thinking of adding something just like this. I live in northern Arizona, and have to use HWY 40 on an almost daily basis. Which carries a nightmare of 18-wheelers who do this all the time! It's supposed to be illegal, and I've seen a few trucks get lit up by cops, just to get them out...
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    RGB laser on ebay for 9 bucks??

    I just ordered one. Because, $9...