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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Hello everybody, after I have been struggling with my spine for more than a year and now recovering physically after an operation, I would like to try to take part in this community again from time to time. Yesterday I received an email about this post and will therefore start with it. In all...
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    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    3D printing is the way to go today for prototyping; a year ago i printed a whole raman system and it is still working. So ... why not ... next year we will throw the project away .... or not .... because it still works ... Let us share the stl ? Greetings Bernd
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    HeCd laser availability ...

    YES .... such lasers are real lasers....., thats it .
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    Sorry , that i digged out this old thread. I am purchacher as profession and have seen, that they have a lot of fun stuff ... http://www.sintecoptronics.com/ for one of my projects i bought an old usesd DPSS 532 nm 2000mw from them and maybe someone has some docs about this. It is a...
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    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    Hi, DIY like this .... that is it ...... great .... thanks for showing !
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    Lumia pics

    Thanks , always fine to see something like this.
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Hi, in the posting #404 here .... this was a response in ascii ... is it this what you are searching for ? But it is no problem to do it again with one of the not modified units ....
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    Homebuilt Manganese Vapour Laser (MnVL)

    Great, thanks a lot for showing, such posts are the best ......
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    Pic Dump! 4-25-19

    Thanks again for showing!
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    Oh ... Yes... it is not right here ....
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    You know that there are some more pix transmitted ... ?
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Hi, maybe you could test this here ...
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Very interesting ! Thanks for showing.
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    I got no answer from Friedrich, so i contacted ThunderOptics and got a licence for 30 €. Now the software is knowing the device and basicly it works. I tried to integrate a RRUFF databse and the system told me, that in this version there is a limit of 42 entries in the spectral library . This...
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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    Hi Steve, you got an answer, hope this helps.