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A dad of two young ones. I love to cook. I used to play soccer alot -and jump over cars for fun.

Soccer, Engine Swaps, Dirtbikes, Builds Computers&Tinkers W/Stuff,My kids own my time if their awake
20 Miles South of the Nations Capital - in Marylan
Job#1-Make piping coordination & fabrication Drawings +Job#2-teach AutoCAD for a Steamfitter Union


Mah Favorites ("weak" ones not listed)
445nm - from scratch - in a Home Made Host - 1.2W :)
532nm O-Like 200mW Transformable / Adjustable - Sometimes it's up to 240mW stable and sometimes it's 204mW stable?WTF?
405nm 12x - from scratch - in an Ultra Fire WF-501B Host - 353mW
635-660nm Red Laser Module (focusable dot) 3-5V W/Built in Driver Circuit in Home Made Host 220mW+
635nm - "300mW" Mitsubishi diode in Module w/flex by DTR (in temp host) - 454mW

My Best Friend & Laser Power Meter - LaserBee 2.5W USB